Royal Caribbean Cruise Gets Badly Hit By A Crazy Storm In Florida’s Port Canaveral

by Shreya Ghosh
Royal Caribbean Cruise Gets Badly Hit By A Crazy Storm In Florida’s Port Canaveral

Enjoying a holiday on a cruise is all fun and exciting until a storm disrupts everything in just a few minutes. Something exactly like this happened in Florida on 16 June 2023. Royal Caribbean Cruise ship named Independence of the Seas got hit badly by a storm on Friday while it was docked at Port Canaveral. The cheerful scenario inside the ship turned into scary and massive chaos as soon as the humongous storm struck it.

Videos Of The Storm Lashing Out On Royal Caribbean Cruise’s Independence of the Seas Are Going Viral

Twitter user Lucas Sparrow (@LucasSparrow12) took to the microblogging site to share some scary glimpses and snippets of the strong winds and storm hitting the ship and its passengers. The video is making rounds on some social media platforms.

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The video shows how the passengers fail to walk or run from one place to another because of the gust of high winds on the Florida coast. Passengers and crew onboard the Royal Caribbean cruise ship can be seen failing to stand properly and sliding on the floor of the Independence of the Seas. The chairs, umbrellas, and other pieces of light furniture fly away on the Independence of the Seas as the winds hit badly. Everyone onboard managed to somehow run and go somewhere closed and secure so that they do not get hit by the flying chairs and other such items.

Many people on board took to social media to share their experiences of facing the storm.

No Major Injuries Have Been Reported

Royal Caribbean Cruise
Picture credit- Lucas Sparrow Twitter @LucasSparrow12

Though the storm was quite dangerous and very sudden as well, the good news is that no one on board suffered any severe injuries. A representative for Royal Caribbean Cruise said that the storm continued for a short span of time, according to a report by Daily Hive. After the situation came under control, the ship left the port for its journey.

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The plan was to take the passengers on a 3-night cruise vacation to Perfect Day at CocoCay. Even after the storm, the Independence of the Seas reached its destination in the Bahamas on time on Saturday morning.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Lucas Sparrow (@LucasSparrow12)