Royal Wedding On The Cards: Sheikha Marha, Daughter Of HH Mohammed Bin Rashid Gets Engaged!

by Deeplata Garde
Royal Wedding On The Cards: Sheikha Marha, Daughter Of HH Mohammed Bin Rashid Gets Engaged!

The Royal family of Dubai is over cloud nine as the younger daughter, Sheikha Marha is reportedly engaged. The news of this royal engagement broke the internet! The Arabian Royal Agency, reported about the royal affair on Instagram congratulating the beautiful couple. The Dubai princess is HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid, The Ruler Of Dubai and Vice President Of the UAE’s daughter.

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid’s Daugther, Sheikha Marha Is Engaged To A Royal Family Member

Sheikha Marha, daughter of HH Mohammed Bin Rashid and a recent university graduate has been engaged to Sheikh Mana on 22nd March 2023. The royal families of the Gulf usually prefer not to announce news from their private life. Similarly to this, the engagement was a discrete affair that the royal family tried to keep under wraps. The updates about the wedding are still not revealed but there would be a royal wedding soon on the cards.

The internet has been buzzing with the news and speculating the truth behind it by scanning every related angle. No official sources have published this news yet.

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Some Deets About The Royal Couple!


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Sheikha Marha has been a famous face from the Royal family of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid. The recent university graduate from London is a social figure in Dubai and has been supporting causes like environmental sustainability, helping the underprivileged and also women’s empowerment.

Sheikh Mana is a prince of exceptional calibre who invests in ethical businesses and developing technologies all over the world. He is also well-known for his charitable work, love of philosophy, and passion for equestrian sports. He completed a year of National Service with the UAE Armed Forces and is now attending the American University in the Emirates to earn a degree in security and risk management. Sheikh Mana is also a successful businessman with a variety of companies.

Along with other notable figures, he has business partnerships with Arturo Vidal, Andrew Tate, and legendary tennis star Novak Djokovic.

Now that we know the background of the couple, we are waiting to be showered with the news of the royal wedding in Dubai.

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