Rs 500 A Day To Stay In Tihar Jail

by Madhusree Chatragadda
Rs 500 A Day To Stay In Tihar Jail

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Want to experience prison life? You can now stay at the Tihar Jail for Rs 500 a day as a tourist!

Jail, Delhi
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What Is It?

Spread across 400 acres, Tihar is the largest jail in India, with double the 6000 inmate occupancy rates as of now. It has always made headlines on several counts due to its unconventional rehabilitation methods. From organizing Rock concerts and providing Art and Craft opportunities, Tihar has done it all.

delhi, jail, tihar
Credits: DforDelhi

And now, one can even visit and spend the night here!

Renowned for harbouring one of the most dangerous criminals in history, tourist interest was thus piqued which led to Project Feel Like Jail to initiate prison tourism.

What’s In It?

5-6 rooms are currently available for tourists who will be “pretend inmates”. This entails being served prison food and performing daily tasks that would be attributed to you and even sleeping on the floor like a real prisoner.

jail, delhi
Credits: DforDelhi

You will still be separated from the main prison compound and will be provided with attached bathrooms. It’s as close as you can get people!

Further details and booking options will soon be available to all on the official web portals.

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Address: Tihar Central Jail, Tihar Jail, New Delhi, Delhi 110058