Russian Airline Lets You Choose The Gender Of Your Co-Passengers

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
by Yashasvi Shaktawat 559

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A Russian Airline lets flyers choose the gender of their co-passengers in this gender selection process.

What Is It?

Feeling a lot like love and keeping the romance alive in the Russian airline, Utair lets you choose who you like to sit beside. For all those who keep wishing for a hot fling affair on a flight can now do so.

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What’s In It?

Utair wants to remind travellers of love and finding love in the air. The passengers can see the gender of with the help of a tool on the mobile app that will let you choose the gender of your co-passenger on the seat selection page.

You never know you might find your soulmate now when you’re flying high in the air. This move was taken when according to the marketing boss, passengers would request to find suitable co-passengers often by calling the company’s desk.

Utair is Russia’s third largest airline by passenger traffic volume.

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