Sadhguru On Remembrance: I Don’t Have Many Words In My Head, I Only Have Videos | Curly Tales

by Shreya Rathod
Sadhguru On Remembrance: I Don’t Have Many Words In My Head, I Only Have Videos  | Curly Tales

Sadhguru is known for his amazing spiritual knowledge and Isha Foundation, the ashram and yoga centre. And we have all seen and heard him sharing his knowledge with us. On this episode of Sunday Brunch, we are at the Isha Yoga Centre to enjoy breakfast with India’s leading spiritual personality, Sadhguru. Take a look at this candid conversation with him where he unveils a lot of his life memories.

Sadhguru On Remembrance

While speaking about travel journeys, he states that he doesn’t recall places in terms of their names. For him, a place is memorised by ‘that funny-looking rock’ or ‘that crooked tree’. Sadhguru says that the problem with him remembering things is that there are no words to describe them. However, there are a lot of videos playing in his mind. And he can even replay the video of an incident that happened fifty years ago anytime without any distortion. He never transcribed these videos, so they lack words.

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Since childhood, he had started paying attention to every little phenomenon and the magnificence of its mechanism. It doesn’t have to be sunrise in particular, but anything as little as an ant is also a wonder in itself. His main interest was life and not what society thinks. For the younger generation, he advises that they should pay attention to every minute detail of life.

Travelling India

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While talking about his life, Sadhguru tells about his travelling expeditions. He recalled cycling through South India and all over the Western Ghats. He then went on a motorcycle to travel all across India many times over. And for him, travel is not about going to a touristy place, but to see the terrain and landscape of India.

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Sadhguru further says that he felt a tremendous amount of energy which was restless. And whatever people around him were offering didn’t fulfil the aspiration of that energy. Though he never aspired for anything, he had a clear idea of what kind of life he wanted to live.

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