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by Mallika Khurana

Generally, Sunday Brunch episodes revolve around all things food, favourite dishes, flavours and more. However, this episode was certainly special where the taste of food was replaced by the utility of what we eat. And that is the brilliance you get when you’re in conversation with Sadhguru. On this episode of Sunday Brunch, our Editor-in-Chief Kamiya Jani visited and toured around Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore and met with Sadhguru. From starting his day with raw turmeric and neem to his decision to never become a doctor, their conversation was insightful. Watch the whole video to know all about it!

Sadhguru Talks About Going To School As A Child

Like everybody else, we were eager to know about what his childhood was like. Coming from an educated family with his father as a doctor, how did he feel about education? In response to that, he mentioned, ‘They Sent Me To School, I Did Not Go To School. There Is A Big Difference!”

He obviously couldn’t relate to the educational climate today. He claimed that while he was in school, he felt as though he was in a factory. The care of the children was lacking. Rather, they were being transformed into goods. Even as a child, he wasn’t very interested in that. He also conceded that this is the first time he actually feels like he is in school. Together with the other guests at the centre, he learns every day.

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He Never Wanted To Be A Doctor

Sadhguru didn't want to be in school

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We can only wonder how his disinterest in education was taken by his education-enthusiast father who was a doctor himself. When asked if his father wanted him to become a doctor as well, he shared that his father wanted all his children to become doctors. He was the fourth child and when the three older ones didn’t choose medicine, all his father’s expectations got transferred to him. But ever since the age of 10, he made up his mind that he didn’t want to become a doctor. He also made it clear in front of his father. Of course, the question of ‘what he wanted to be’ didn’t bother him. It was always clear to him where he was headed.

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