Sania Mirza: Dubai Is A Multi-Cultural Place To Bring Up Your Children | Curly Tales

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Sania Mirza: Dubai Is A Multi-Cultural Place To Bring Up Your Children | Curly Tales

Dubai as you all know is the second home to many Indians and people in the subcontinent. Many Bollywood celebrities call it their second home. In the latest episode of Sunday Brunch, India’s most loved Sania Mirza invited our Chief Editor Kamiya Jani to her beautiful abode in Dubai. With lip-smacking Biryani and other delicious dishes, Sania and Kamiya had an amazing time and conversation. Here is a slice of it.

Sania Mirza Calls Dubai The Best Of Both Worlds

Sania Mirza recently shifted to their new house just a couple of months ago in July. They shifted here because her son’s school has begun. “Dubai is a place that gravitates you to itself.” is what Sania said and believes everyone will surely agree to it. She believes that Dubai offers you the best of both east and west and that it has everything. Sania feels that Dubai is a multi-cultural place to bring up your children. She mentioned that the best part about being in Dubai is that you do not miss anything about India. One can easily have the same kind of lifestyle in Dubai as they had in India.


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Interior Designing Is My Hidden Talent

As soon as our Chief Editor Kamiya entered Sania’s house, the first word she said was ‘pretty’. Sania’s new abode in Dubai is luxurious and beautiful. With amazing interior design, the house gives you a lot of Indian vibes. Sania lived at the Palm and has to shift because of her son. She revealed that she herself did the entire interior design for her house. “My hidden talent or hobby is interior designing. I loved doing my house.” is what Sania shared. She does not have the guts to do someone else’s house and so she does her own. Sania loved doing her house and admitted that it was a lot of fun.

Sania Mirza

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