Age No Bar, Sania Mirza Is Bringing Tennis To Everyone’s Homes Through Her Academy In Dubai | Curly Tales

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Age No Bar, Sania Mirza Is Bringing Tennis To Everyone’s Homes Through Her Academy In Dubai | Curly Tales

The latest episode of Sunday Brunch was very exciting but also a bit different. We at Curly Tales love inviting celebrities for Sunday brunch. But this time, India’s pride Sania Mirza invite our Chief Editor Kamiya Jani to her Dubai abode. With luscious Biryani to Haleem, Sania Mirza spilt secrets about her personal life, food preferences, travel preferences and her academy in Dubai.

Sania Mirza On Her Academy In Dubai

We all know bout Sania Mirza Tennis Academy in Hyderabad. Now that Sania is in Dubai, she recently launched two tennis academies in Dubai with one being in Jumeirah Lake Towers. She also revealed that more two academies are in the pipeline in Dubai. Talking about the Academy she said that the best part about her Academy is that anyone irrespective of their age can join it. She said, “Cricket is such a natural choice for people from the subcontinent that I feel that Tennis deserves to be there as well.” She said that she too will be training students there once her elbow injury is treated.


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Accepting Things Is Not Easy At A Young Age

Sania entered the world of tennis when she was very young. And as you might know, a young mind works way differently than an adult mind. She said that everything in life comes with a set of pros and cons. It is very important to accept the cons and move ahead. She very rightly said that accepting things at the age of 36 or 35 is way easier but not when you are 16 or 18. Your mind runs in a different direction and has a very different thought process.

Sania Mirza

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Sania and Kamiya’s Sunday Brunch was very exciting and interesting with some delectable delicacies. To know more about Sania Mirza and how the brunch was all you have to do is watch the latest episode below.

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