Sania Mirza: If I Were A Boy, I Would Have Played Cricket Like All Other Boys Of India | Curly Tales

by Shreya Ghosh
Sania Mirza: If I Were A Boy, I Would Have Played Cricket Like All Other Boys Of India | Curly Tales

The latest episode of Sunday Brunch is like no other Curly Tales celebrity interview. Our Chief Editor Kamiya Jani received an invitation from the ace tennis player Sania Mirza and the duo relished a lavish spread in Sania’s Dubai home. To know all about her favourites, her journey to the top in her profession, and her future plans, you need to read this story and watch this episode of Sunday Brunch.

‘If I Were A Boy, I Would Have Played Cricket’: Sania Mirza

Sania Mirza

Cricket is less a sport and more an emotion for Indians. It is safe to that Indian cricket fans worship cricket as a religion. Every child is very much fascinated to play this sport while growing up. Talking about India’s obsession with cricket, Kamiya asked Sania why did she choose tennis over cricket? To reply to this question, Sania walked down memory lane and shared, ‘When I was 6, I used to play tennis, swim, and rollerskate. And just like any other child, I started going to these activities in the summer holidays. My parents always wanted their children to play a sport. And I am sure if I was a boy, I would be playing cricket like every other boy in our country.’

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Her Parents Were Very Supportive Since The Beginning

Sania Mirza spoke about how her parents were much ahead of their times. They always wanted their children to play sports, that too 30 years ago. She shared, ‘They always wanted their child to play a sport which was already much ahead of their times. We are talking about 30 years ago and which parent would think that a young girl should think or dream of becoming a tennis player one day. It was not very common. So that’s exactly how the journey started and then I happened to be a lot more talented at tennis than the other things that I was doing. Hence, slowly I shifted my focus towards sports.’ Her parents did not necessarily want to play her so professionally since the beginning, their wish was that their children should play a sport. The goal of becoming a successful sportsperson came much later on in life.

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This Sunday Brunch episode with Sania Mirza is amazing and a must-watch as she shared about her professional journey and a lot more.

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