Sania Mirza Says She Was Written Off After Weight Gain, Injury | Curly Tales

by Shreya Ghosh
Sania Mirza Says She Was Written Off After Weight Gain, Injury | Curly Tales

The latest Sunday Brunch episode is very exciting as Curly Tales Chief Editor Kamiya Jani interviewed one of India’s most loved sportspeople, Sania Mirza. Sania is indeed one of the biggest names in the world of tennis. Started playing the sport at the very young age of only 6 years to reach such a prestigious point in her career, to know all about her stories, you need to read till the last.

There Were Many Hardships Along With The Fame

Sania Mirza

The lives of celebrities are glamorous with name, fame, and so much more. But with public recognition, many unnecessary comments and unwanted opinions start being a part of every celebrity’s life. Sania was not left behind and had to answer the media about a lot of things from a very young age. Sania became world famous for her extreme tennis skills quite quickly when she was just a teenager. She experienced success in her professional career when she was only 16 years old.

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Sania shared how being world famous at a very young age was difficult for her. Also, she spoke about how young girls deal with such sensitive things in the age of social media. She said, ‘All my sympathies go to these young girls who are dealing with that kind of stuff today because the scrutiny is so much more.’

Growing Up In The Media Is Never Easy!


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Sania entered to the world of tennis at a very young age so she grew up and rose to success in the limelight. She shared, ‘Everything comes with its pros and cons in life. I truly believe that we have to be able to accept that and it is a lot easier to accept that at 36 or 35. But at 18, you are not really understanding that. You are also going through your changes in life and your thought process.’

Sania Mirza Said She Was Written Off After Weight Gain

Sania also talked about how very small changes lead to people assuming different things. ‘Of course, there is a lot of good that comes with it but there are hardships as well.’ She spoke for every athlete or any professional in the public eye, ‘Every time someone puts on a little weight, people are like her career is over. If somebody loses too much weight, her career is over. Somebody gets injured, her career is over.’

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The life of an athlete has so many moments, be they precious or rough patches. On this Sunday Brunch episode, Sania Mirza shared all about her journey in the world of tennis. To know it all, you need to watch this video!

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