Sanjay Dutt Launches The Glenwalk, A Whiskey Inspired By The Glens Of Scotland

by Tooba Shaikh
Sanjay Dutt Launches The Glenwalk, A Whiskey Inspired By The Glens Of Scotland

We might not have seen Sanjay Dutt AKA Sanju Baba on the big screens recently but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t engaged in anything creative! Bringing us the exquisite experience of Scotland in our glasses, he is bringing us The Glenwalk! With an intricate blend of flavours, this Scottish brand is all set to grace the shelves of your market. Finally! Here’s a drink that is as majestic as the highlands of Scotland.

Sanjay Dutt Launches The Glenwalk

If you’ve ever been to Scotland and remember feeling this insurmountable awe for nature and all its beauty, well, that’s the experience the whisky brings you! With a complex flavour profile that will stun even the most discerning connoisseurs, The Glenwalk is here to transform the hard-liquor market in India.

It smoothly weaves caramel-like sweetness through its oaky spiciness creating a stunning tapestry of flavours. Its rich colour and intense taste will make it seem like your taste buds have liquid gold dancing on them. With a texture that is smoother than silk, it is ready to get your senses hooked on it.

It is a perfect drink for people who love pampering their penchant and who make sure that only the absolute best reaches their taste. While the product is designed with the utmost care, it is priced so that it is accessible to the majority of people.

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Will Be Launched In Delhi, Haryana & The South Soon

While the product has just been launched in Mumbai, it will soon spread across different parts of the country. The brand has plans to set its feet in Delhi and Haryana in the north. In the south, the brand has set its sight for Karnataka and Telangana.

The dynamic actor has set out on the venture along with a lifelong friend of his, Moksh Sani. Their plan is to take the Indian beverage market by storm and completely transform it. By providing a gourmet quality product at prices that many can easily afford, they aim to make the premium drinking experience more accessible.

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