Sanvordem Waterfall Is A Paradise Near Goa That Needs To Be On Your Bucket List

by Suchismita Pal
Sanvordem Waterfall Is A Paradise Near Goa That Needs To Be On Your Bucket List

The cascading Sanvordem Waterfall, located deep within a verdant forest, has the power to enchant you with its magnificence. The undiscovered jewel is located off the usual path in Goa and is accessible via a challenging trek. To reach Sanvordem Waterfall, one needs to take a detour from South Goa’s Sanvordem town, trek for around 25 minutes through the muddy alleys of the forest and cross a gurgling river. When you finally reach the waterfall, you will realise that it is worth every muscle pain. 

A Hidden Waterfall In South Goa!

Sanvordem Waterfall lies far from human habitation and will allow you to explore Goa beyond its beaches. It is a profoundly isolated spot, hardly touched by any tourist. As the waterfall lies in the middle of the forest, it is bereft of all cacophonies. The only melody that can be enjoyed here is the mighty roar of the stream. The waterfall flows through the rocks and ends in a turquoise natural pool. Simply take a seat here, breathe in the clean air, and let the beautiful scenery heal your soul. The calmness of the place is addictive and you won’t feel like coming back.

Waterfall Goa
Picture Credits: Unsplash ( representational image)

While visiting the waterfall, wear full-length clothes to avoid getting bitten by insects. Also, wear proper trekking shoes as the paths are slippery.

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Spend A Day In The Dudhsagar Plantation and Farmstay

Sanvordem is a remote town in Goa around one and a half hour drive from Panaji. Near Sanvordem, lies The Dudhsagar Plantation and Farmstay, a 50-acre property with a picturesque spice garden. Guests can stay here and explore traditional Goan farming techniques and learn about local practices like feni destillation, dairy farming and spice cultivation. They can also indulge in an open-air shower, right beneath the palm trees. The farm stay also has a natural pool and offers comforting home-style Goan meals.

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Sanvordem is the greener side of Goa that can detach you from the crowd to take you closer to the wilderness! On that note, here are 10 Things First-Time Visitors To Goa Must Know!