Sarasbaug Food Plaza: From 200-Vehicle Parking Space To 90 Shops, All About Pune’s Food Plaza

by Tooba Shaikh
Sarasbaug Food Plaza: From 200-Vehicle Parking Space To 90 Shops, All About Pune’s Food Plaza

Pune is all set to get a new food plaza at its famous Sarasbaug Gardens. This plaza will be built in place of existing roadside eateries and will have multiple eateries including some from international food chains. This might turn out to be a blow to the owners of the eateries that were there before. Here are all the important things that you would need to know about this particular food plaza in Pune.

Sarasbaug Food Plaza: All You Need To Know

sarasbaug food plaza
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According to an article which was recently published by The Times of India or TOI, the civic body in Pune has finalised the design of a food plaza which will be built outside the popular Saraswat Gardens. As per Vikram Kumar, who is the administrator of Pune Municipal Corporation or PMC and is cited in the TOI article, the contractor will soon begin the groundwork.

He said that the tender process was over and that the road outside the park located near the side entrance of the garden, will be closed to traffic. He also went on to specify that the plaza will house a variety of food joints including international chain restaurants. Since the plaza will replace the existing roadside eateries, it may be detrimental to the owners of the eatery.

The food plaza will be two floors tall and will have a total of 90 shops. 50 shops will be located on the first floor and 40 shops on the second floor. There will also be a parking space which will allow parking of a total of 200 vehicles. It is hoped that after building the plaza, the experience of visiting the garden will be elevated as people will have a place where they can park their vehicles.

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Other Important Details About This New Building In Pune

sarasbaug food plaza
Image Credits: Canva Images

As per the TOI article which cited PMC officials, the internal road located on the northern side of the garden has a lot of roadside eateries. These attract crowds and create traffic jams that have a cascading effect on Bajirao Road as well as Tilak Road. What is more, there are also a lot of encroachments by the eateries and hence the food plaza would solve these problems.

It is not mentioned whether the eatery owners will be allowed to open a shop in the new food plaza or they will be left without a source of income. Nevertheless, officials seem optimistic about the prospect of this new food plaza in Pune.

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Have you ever been to the Sarasbaug Gardens? Do you think bringing this new building with non-Indian international chain restaurants is a good idea? Let us know in the comments section below!

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