Saudi Arabia Reopens Over 90,000 Mosques On 31 May

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Saudi Arabia Reopens Over 90,000 Mosques On 31 May

After intensive cleaning and maintenance, over 90,000 mosques in Saudi opened doors to the public today, Sunday- 31 May. However, mosques in the holy city of Makkah will continue to remain closed. The ministry urges worshippers to folllow strict precautions in order to curb the spread of the virus.

Worshippers coming to the mosque must perform ablution at home, wash hands and use sanitisers before going out to the mosque and after coming back home. Those above 60 years or with chronic diseases are advised to perform their prayers at home. Further, worshippers are advised to recite the Holy Quran online from one’s own mobile phone or from a privately owned copy of the Holy Quran.

In addition, everyone must bring their own prayer mat and maintain a two-metre distance between one another prayer. Children under the age of 15 will not be allowed. Putting on a face mask and avoiding shaking hands and other contact is also recommended.

What Else?

Travelers in Saudi Arabia will have their visas automatically extended by the Passports General Directorate in the kingdom. In a recent development, Saudi announced that all tourist visas will be extended for three months, free of charge. Saudi suspended inbound and outbound flights in March, in order to curb the spread of the virus.

This also meant tourists in the Kingdom could not leave until restrictions eased or manage to get on a repatriation flight. Many who are currently in the country have over stayed even after their visas expired. The tourist visa will now be extended automatically without tourists having to register on any portal. The extension will be done via the system of the General Directorate of Passports.