Science City, Ahmedabad: Robots Welcome PM Modi; Attractions, Timings, All You Need To Know

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Science City, Ahmedabad: Robots Welcome PM Modi; Attractions, Timings, All You Need To Know

Today, the Gujarat Council of Science City’s robotics exhibition welcomed Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was enthralled by the exhibit’s robots. The Prime Minister posted pictures from the visit to Instagram, one of which featured a robot giving him tea. With the use of entertainment and hands-on learning, the Gujarati government’s ambitious Science City project hopes to inspire a curiosity for science in the minds of everyday citizens. 

Science City In Gujarat’s Ahmedabad


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The Prime Minister is in Gujarat for a celebration of the Vibrant Gujarat Summit’s 20th anniversary. While serving as the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Prime Minister Modi organized the summit.

The Gujarat government has taken the amazing step of creating Gujarat Science City to ignite young minds. The goal is to build inventive displays, virtual reality activity centers, and live demonstrations across a space of more than 107 hectares that are simple to understand.

They want to deliver the ideal fusion of education and leisure. This is to help people comprehend science and technology. The expansive facility has cutting-edge exhibitions, hands-on activities, working models, virtual reality, activity corners, labs, and live demonstrations.

The Science City is located off the Sarkhej Gandhinagar Highway. It is closed on Mondays, but you can explore it from Tuesdays to Sundays (10am to 8pm). 

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Attractions That Will Blow Your Mind

Robotics Gallery: An interactive exhibition. It shows how robotics has advanced A humanoid robot with social skills. It also greets visitors and gives them a tour of the space.

Hall of Space: The space exploration zone documents significant advancements in space research and development using high-resolution photographs and user-interactive digital control displays.

Nature Park: It covers more than 20 acres and is the cherry on top of Science City’s experiences. There are children’s play areas, a misty bamboo tunnel, an oxygen park, a butterfly garden, a color garden, and a chess room.

Amphitheater: Gujarat Science City’s Amphitheater (Open Air Theater) hosts scientific events, especially science popularization, and can accommodate up to 1200 people. 

Energy Park: The hexagonally arranged Energy Education Park has a total size of close to 9000 square meters. The exhibitions in Energy Park are categorized using the five fundamental principles (Panchbhuta) of classical Indian philosophy.


Aquatic Gallery: It transports guests on an unforgettable journey to the aquatic world, which includes the largest public aquarium in India and a cutting-edge life support system.

LED Screen: The 1,84,320 tiny LEDs on Gujarat Science City’s 20 x 12-foot LED (Light Emitting Diode) screen are utilized to depict characters or present stories.

Life science: This interactive outdoor park’s main objective is to pique children’s curiosity about nature and arouse their interest in the origins, spread, and survival of life forms.

Planet Earth: The purpose is to inform and educate people about natural disasters, including earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and landslides. 

IMAX 3D: IMAX technology immerses you in extraordinary visuals up to eight floors high and surround-sound 12,000 watt digital audio, taking you to previously unseen realms. (As per Gujarat Tourism)

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When are you heading to this amazing Science City?

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