Scream Loudly To Get A Free Ice Cream At McDonald’s Singapore

McDonald's singapore
by Sanjana Shenoy

‘ Ice scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream’. Our favourite jingle has got a whole new spin all thanks to McDonald’s Singapore. Foodies! All you need to do is scream as loudly as you can to win a free ice cream. Who knew, that our favourite jingle could actually help us win free ice cream one day? Well, read on to know all about McDonald’s innovative campaign.

Get Free Ice Cream At McDonald’s Singapore By Screaming

McDonald’s set up a unique kiosk in Singapore. It beckons foodies to scream as loudly as they can to win a free chocolate ice cream cone. Now, we know how delicious McDonald’s softy ice creams really are. While vanilla ice cream cone is quite common. McDonald’s asks foodies to scream loudly to win a free chocolate ice cream. So, Singaporeans decided to give this challenge a shot. A video posted on Instagram by @yukianggia shows a queue of people waiting their turn to scream at the screaming booth.

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Netizens Hilariously Point Out Asian People Scream Louder

They stood in front of the kiosk yelling loudly, waiting for the vanilla ice cream to turn into Hershey’s chocolate ice cream. This is an indicator of their screams turning high decibels. If the vanilla ice cream icon turns into chocolate then the customer wins a free ice cream. The viral video hilariously compared the screams between Asian and Western people. It’s funny to note that Asian customers screamed louder and won many more free ice cream cones. 


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Netizens hilariously commented that the secret behind Asian people’s loud screams is their inner frustration with their parents. Well, whatever the reason. We’re up for the challenge to win free ice cream. What about you?

Cover Picture Credits: @yukianggia and Zomato