Self-Serve At These Fuel Stations In UAE Or Pay A Premium

by Jui Nikita
Self-Serve At These Fuel Stations In UAE Or Pay A Premium

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Adnoc fuel stations in Abu Dhabi has begun a self-service program from 30th June 2018, which will soon be implemented throughout the UAE in coming weeks. 

What Is It?

Select fuel stations in Abu Dhabi have begun the self-service option while also allowing motorists to use the premium option by paying AED 10 more. The new ‘Flex Service’ allows customers to choose how they refuel their cars which is either through the self-service option where motorists can refuel their cars themselves to save time or premium options for those who do not want to step out of their vehicles for convenience from 30th June 2018. Adnoc offers the smart payment technique which is called the ‘smart tag’. This allows customers to pay for the fuel using a tag fixed to their vehicle that can be topped up through an online system. 

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What’s In It?

Adnoc also announced the launch of new rewards programme for the premium service customers which include receiving discounts and offers at all Adnoc fuel stations across Abu Dhabi. The premium rewards include coffee/snacks or 25% discount on an in-station car wash. Motorists using the premium service option can have their car tyre pressure checked by the attendant and get their car windshields cleaned too. The elderly will be exempted from the premium service charge.

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