Senior Citizens To Specially-Abled People, Indian Railways Has Changed Seat Allotment System

Indian railways
by Vaishalee Kalvankar

Every day, thousands of individuals commute by train. They begin purchasing tickets a month in advance in this circumstance in order to get their preferred seat. Lower berth, or side lower berth, is the most popular seat type when it comes to reservations. But according to the latest rules by Indian railways, the lower berth seats will now be reserved for senior citizens and specially-abled people. 

Indian Railways Changes Seat Allotment System

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The new rule by Indian Railways states that the lower berth of the train is set aside for people who are specially abled. Indian Railways has come up with this important decision in order to make their trip more convenient.

An order about the same has been issued by the Indian Railways. As per this new rule, the lower berth will be allocated to a special group of passengers. However, they’ll probably be unable to reserve this seat immediately. The lower berth of the train is set aside for physically or mentally challenged passengers by railways.

The Railway Board has also mentioned that four seats in sleeper class (two lower, two middle, two third AC, and two AC3 economy) are set aside for people who are specially abled. People accompanying them will be permitted to take a seat on these seats. (As per Business League)

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TTE Can Provide Lower Seat

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The specially-abled have reserved two lower seats and two top seats on the Garib Rath train. For these seats, they will have to pay the full fare while booking it. 

In addition to this, Indian Railways already assigns senior persons, or elderly individuals, inferior berths. 6-7 berths in sleeping class, 4-5 lower berths in each coach of the third AC, and 3-4 lower beds in each coach of the second AC are designated for women who are 45 years of age or older and pregnant women.

At the same time, if a senior citizen, a person with a special ability, or a pregnant woman is granted an upper seat while reserving a ticket, TTE has the right to provide them with a lower seat during the onboard ticket verification. (As per Business League)

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