Septuagenarian Granny Prepares 1000 Colourful Cham Chams From Scratch To Feed Her Village; Recipe Inside

Veg Village Food decided to paint their cham cham with pink, green, yellow and orange colours!

by Ankita Mazumdar
Septuagenarian Granny Prepares 1000 Colourful Cham Chams From Scratch To Feed Her Village; Recipe Inside

Cham cham is a Bengali delicacy that is one of the most-served sweets after roshogulla. In Bengali, the ‘A’ becomes ‘O’ and it is called chom chom. Cham cham is a cylindrical sweet made from cottage cheese, like roshogulla. Hence, you might think it is similar to roshogulla but no. Some cham chams are simple, dipped in syrup while others have nutty and creamy stuffing. These stuffed cham chams are not dipped in sugar syrup. Today we are going to learn how to make 1000 colourful cham chams in syrup from a recipe video by Veg Village Food

Granny From Veg Village Food Makes 1000 Cham Chams

This YouTube Channel, Veg Village Food is popular for preparing huge batches of food items and feeding them to people in their village. The granny takes the limelight as she prepares most of the recipes and her family members help her. Today, she decided to make cham cham right from scratch. They shared the recipe video of cham chams on their channel. They’re not your regular cham chams but are coloured pink, yellow, green and orange.

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Recipe For A Colourful Batch Of This Bengali Sweet

Cham cham
Image Courtesy: YouTube/Veg Village Food


  • Milk
  • Limes
  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Desi Ghee
  • Semolina
  • Corn Flour
  • Baking Powder
  • Food Colouring


cham cham
Image Courtesy: YouTube/Veg Village Food
  • Take the deepest cooking pot you have and boil the milk on a medium flame. Then take it off the flame.
  • Juice your limes and then take half a bucket of water and add the lime juice to it. In this manner, we are diluting the lime juice. In turn, it will yield a perfect batch of cottage cheese for cham chams.
  • Pour the diluted lime juice slowly while stirring the milk. You will see the milk starts to curdle. 
  • Take a fine cloth and separate the freshly made cottage cheese from the liquid left behind.
  • Transfer the cottage cheese to a huge plate and remove all lumps.
  • Now add desi ghee, semolina, corn flour, and baking powder to the fine cottage cheese and knead.
  • Distribute this cottage cheese into four equal parts and add food colouring; mix again.
  • Put a deep frying kadhai on flame, put water and sugar. Stir it continuously to make a giant batch of sugar syrup. Distribute the syrup in four parts as well. 
  • Remember to keep a decent amount of sugar syrup in kadhai, apart from the four sections of syrup. Don’t remove it from the flame because cham cham will cook here.
  • Now it’s time to shape the sweetest looking cham chams. Oil your hand and start rolling cylindrical cham chams.
  • Put each coloured cham chams one by one into the kadhai on flame. Take them out and immerse them in their designated sugar syrup container.
  • Lastly, mix all of them in a big container and we are done!
  • Serve hot and soft cham chams to your family and friends. 

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Go ahead and impress your Bengali friend, girlfriend or boyfriend. They will be chom chom in your thoughts!

Cover Image Courtesy: YouTube/Veg Village Food

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