‘Sexual Harassment Leaves A Mark’ Campaign In Germany Brings To Light How Female Statues Fade Due To Frequent Touching

As part of the campaign, a women's rights organisation drew attention to show where naked women statues in Germany “are most often touched.”

by Tashika Tyagi
‘Sexual Harassment Leaves A Mark’ Campaign In Germany Brings To Light How Female Statues Fade Due To Frequent Touching

A women’s rights organisation in Germany has started a campaign to draw attention to bronze statues of nude women around the country. The campaign is called ‘Sexual Harassment Leaves A Mark’ and shows signs of inappropriate touching of nude bronze statues of women. The organisation has shared pictures of statues that show bright shine around the breast area of the statues and reflect where these statues “are most often touched.” If you haven’t guessed already, then this campaign is about sexual harassment faced by women on a daily basis. And these marks and statues are a testament to this big issue.

‘Sexual Harassment Leaves A Mark’ Campaign Highlights Big Issues

Terre des Femmes is a women’s rights organisation. As part of their ‘Unsilence The Violence’ campaign, they have brought to light one of the biggest issues faced by women across the world – sexual harassment. They have launched a sister campaign called ‘Sexual Harassment Leaves A Mark’ that is drawing attention to bronze statues of nude women around Germany. They have put up large signboards with the campaign slogan.

The aim is to show the frequency of sexual harassment women face in their daily lives. These cards have been placed at the Juliet Capulet statue in Munich, the “Youth” statue in Bremen, and the “Frau Rhein” in Berlin.

The campaign shows pictures of various bronze statues and how there is a shine around the naked breasts. This is due to frequent touching over the years. They have added posters behind the statues that say, ‘Sexual Harassment Leaves A Mark’ in German. With this campaign, Terre des Femmes is trying to draw a parallel between women in general and the statue. They wish to highlight how sexual harassment leaves a mark on women’s minds and bodies.

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Organisation Aims To Give Voice To Victims With This Campaign

According to Terre des Femmes, two out of three women have experienced sexual harassment at some point in their lives. Sadly, we often tend to ignore and don’t discuss it enough. As part of this campaign, the organisation has added QR codes on the sign boards they placed beside popular statues. Once you scan it, you can hear statues “speak” against the assault.

Talking about this campaign, Sina Tonk of Terre des Femmes said, “We must work together to ensure that the voices of victims are heard and that perpetrators are held accountable.”

It is indeed difficult being a woman in this world. It doesn’t matter if you’re all flesh and blood or a statue made of bronze, you can be sexualised nonetheless! Kudos to Terre des Femmes for starting this campaign. We hope women around the world feel empowered with this step and come forward to share their stories.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/terre.des.femmes

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