Sharjah Is Having A Summer Festival This Year

by Dhruv Maniar
Sharjah Is Having A Summer Festival This Year

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For the first time, Sharjah has introduced a summer festival which will run until 31st August 2018. The festival has everything you need from shopping, to stay and cultural events. 

What Is It

The Sharjah Shopping Festival 2018 is the first ever summer festival that is been organized by the tourism board of Sharjah. This unique festival will attract both residents and visitors to make Sharjah as the ideal family destination. The summer festival will run until 31st August 2018 which will promote shopping, leisure activities, cultural and amusing events and much more. 

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Whats In It 

This Sharjah Summer festival lets you sharpen your skills, enjoy huge discounts and entertainment facilities across many malls. Also get a chance to win a Jaguar F-Pace or a Jaguar F-Type along with thousands of shopping vouchers monthly. It has something for everyone. Choose offers from a variety of dining, travel, shopping, staycations and family adventures. 

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Location: Sharjah
Date: Until 31st August 2018.
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