Sharjah Workers Celebrates Extended Labour Day

by Deeplata Garde
Sharjah Workers Celebrates Extended Labour Day

Over two million workers in the UAE have contributed to the construction of some of the world’s most famous structures. It is quite tough to appreciate their year-long work in a single day. Sharjah celebrated Labor Day for two days straight to make it all worthwhile. Workers in Sharjah celebrated two days of fun-filled events as part of the Labour Day celebrations organized by the Sharjah Labor Standards Development Authority.

Labour Day Is Celebrated On 1st May Internationally

Despite the set date, the celebrations were held over the Eid vacations on May 3 and 4. It was in collaboration with the government and private organizations in the Emirate. For 2 days this week, thousands of employees in Sharjah got health assessments and entertainment as part of the Labor Day celebrations. The event was specifically organized by the Labour Standards Development Authority.

The employees’ Eid vacations became even more joyous by the festivities in the Labour Park in Sajaa Industrial Area.

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The Activities To Celebrate The Event

As part of its effort to establish a healthy environment for employees, the University of Sharjah Dental Hospital’s mobile dental clinic assessed dozens of workers. Numerous musical and other amusement events were part of the celebration. This was to help workers gain confidence and feel comfortable and happy in their workplace in Sharjah.

The two-day celebrations help the organization achieve one of its strategic goals. The goal was to create a decent working environment and educate workers about their rights and responsibilities. Also, entertaining them and letting their talents shine was the object of importance.

Employees attended the celebrations, which comprised lectures and seminars in a variety of languages. Free medical and dental check-ups were also included in the event’s schedule. It was all done to increase worker awareness, knowledge, and health. They included musical and other entertainment presentations, games, and yoga.

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