“She Is Not A Nanny”, Vid Of Flight Attendant Spoon-Feeding Child On Singapore Airlines Divides Internet

A Singapore Airlines flight attendant was seen spoon-feeding a 5-year-old child in a viral video.

by Sanjana Shenoy
“She Is Not A Nanny”, Vid Of Flight Attendant Spoon-Feeding Child On Singapore Airlines Divides Internet

Recently, a video of a flight attendant spoon-feeding a child on a Singapore Airlines flight went viral on the Internet. But this video left the Internet divided. While some called this a kind gesture and lauded the flight attendant for going out of her way to make a young passenger feel comfortable, others criticised the parent of the child for treating her like a nanny. Here’s what ensued.

Flight Attendant Spoon-Feeds Child On Singapore Airlines Flight

Michael Rutherford, a content creator took to his Instagram handle to share a video of a flight attendant from Singapore Airlines, spoon-feeding his 5-year-old son. In the video, he asks what would one do if this happened to them. Calling his flight experience “the greatest one ever”, he said that the gesture by the flight attendant made it even more “perfect”. The video shows a flight attendant kneeling down in front of a 5-year-old child and feeding him dinner with a spoon.

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The little boy wearing earphones is engrossed in watching content on his phone. Michael Rutherford reveals that they were flying to Tokyo in Japan. Shared four days ago, the video went viral garnering over 14.2 million views and a plethora of mixed reactions. While some Netizens found this gesture endearing, many others criticised the fight attendant for going out of her way for no reason. More so, the criticism was targeted at the parent, Michael Rutherford, for expecting the flight attendant to behave like a “nanny”.

Netizens Had Mixed Reactions To Her Gesture

@meeeg0611 writes, “She is not a nanny..” Digital creator, Nicole Alexa Choo points out that the flight attendant must be enjoying taking care of the kid since she isn’t obliged to. @johnkennedyvaughan says, “Loving moms are the closest thing to Jesus on earth.” @ms_fernandes25 says, “She probably misses her children. This is sweet of her to let the parent sleep.”

@coastalhamptonstyle comments, “All the negative comments. The flight attendant obviously loves kids and wanted to help. The child might be Autistic and probably wasn’t eating or was scared. Parents were probably happy for her to help out”. @kymillman remembered the time when a Thai Airways flight attendant spoon-fed ice cream to his 8-year-old son while he watched a film. 

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Meanwhile, here’s what people who disagreed with the gesture had to say. @atetooomuch comments, “Imagine posting this thinking it was cute, but it’s actually embarrassing being the parent of a kid who can’t get off his iPad while being spoon fed…”  @lulu.sunlight comments, “You’re showing the whole world you’re a shameful parent…”. @deeromero267 points out that the child is old enough to feed himself. @gayane_gara calls the boy, ” a spoilt brat in the making”. 

Fliers, do let us know if you have experienced such situations when flight attendants went out of the way to make your children feel comfortable while flying.

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