Sheikh Hamdan Colony Will Be Filled With Scrumptious Delicacies As Ramadan Street Food Festival Returns This March

by Deeplata Garde
Sheikh Hamdan Colony Will Be Filled With Scrumptious Delicacies As Ramadan Street Food Festival Returns This March

Dubai is typically referred to have a gourmet dining scene. But the counter-culture has hardly been explored by people. So for the ones who are unaware, street food in the Emirate is as good as the fancy diners here. And if you want to explore this part then nothing better than the holy month of Ramadan. Ramadan Street Food Festival is coming to Sheikh Hamdan Colony in Karama and it’s a win for food enthusiasts. So let’s find out what will we get to eat and enjoy here.

Ramadan Street Food Festival At Sheikh Hamdan Colony, Karama

Dubai streets are gonna be filled with flavours as the street food festival arrives in Karama. From filling iftar and suhoor menus, the alleys will be surprising you with the different cuisines. The festival will be starting on 31st March and is decided to conclude on 9th April 2023.

This place is an invitation to all the foodies who are waiting and willing to relish some phenomenal flavour bombs at affordable prices.

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70 Restaurants To Feature At This Festival

Street food festival
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Missing delicacies from home? Well, you might spot some dishes that will give you nostalgia along with flavours. The streets will be home to delicious appetizers, a main course and also some desserts to finish your meal on a sweet note. Mainly you will witness the kebabs lined up in an attractive fashion to attract the eyes of customers.

Many hidden gems will be serving out their best dishes here and you shouldn’t waste this opportunity. Thought food was the only reason to visit? Let us inform you that you have a wrong perception of the Ramadan street food festival. Along with the local food the lights and entertainment will keep you entertained here. Be insta-ready as there will be ample amazing food, lit-up streets and other things to take a snap of. Your social media is definitely getting some likes on your posts.

Can’t make it back to India for the holy month? Don’t worry the Asian cuisine widely found at the festival will certainly evoke some good memories. We believe these are ample reasons to visit the Ramadan Street Food Festival happening at Karama starting this March.

Cover Image Courtesy: Visit Dubai