Sheikh Mohammed Has Devised A Plan To Make Expo Site A Global Destination

by Deeplata Garde
Sheikh Mohammed Has Devised A Plan To  Make Expo Site A Global Destination

The six-month-long Expo 2020 in Dubai draws to a conclusion on March 31. The attention has switched to the Expo’s conversion into a global destination. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Ruler of Dubai, has formed a committee to supervise the construction of the Expo 2020 Dubai site’s second phase. According to Dubai Media Office, the Supreme Committee will supervise the site’s development into Sector 2020, the city’s newest residential and business district.

Expo 2020 Turns Into A Global Destination

Expo 2020 is converting into a residential city that would receive the title District 2020. Yes, the sources have confirmed the news. And you can access it by cycles is what we understand. An autonomous car route, a 10-kilometre cycling track, linked, broad pedestrian routes, and a 5-kilometre running track will all be included. You can complete the whole route in the 15-minutes top. District 2020 has previously revealed plans to utilise more than 80% of the site’s built environment.

When it opens to its first corporate tenants at the end of this year, it will also contain space for 85 start-ups and small enterprises. Also, the foreign government has announced that a “renaissance” heritage program will implement at the site. It’s required to conserve archaeological artefacts and art retrieved from conflict zones.

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The Upcoming Changes In Infrastructure

The Supreme Committee will supervise District 2020’s development, including all projects, initiatives, programmes, and activities. This will happen over a three-year tenure.
It will oversee the infrastructure upgrade at the site to support the additional facilities and look into private-sector investment potential.

Sheikh Mohammed has extended by six months the mandate of the Expo 2020 Dubai Preparatory Committee, the Expo 2020 Dubai Bureau, and its director-general.

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