Sheikh Mohammed & Sheikh Hamdan Visited This Mediterranean Restaurant In Dubai

by Deeplata Garde
Sheikh Mohammed & Sheikh Hamdan Visited This Mediterranean Restaurant In Dubai

The Royal Crown Prince of Dubai is quite prominent to visit and enjoy a bite around in Dubai and other countries. Sheikh Hamdan, expeditions include food and travel majorly. And his latest trip was to acquire some Mediterranean-influenced food in Dubai. Fazza with his father Sheikh Mohammed, recently indulged in Eastern Mediterranean Cuisine at Alaya. The restaurant that nestles at DIFC was the latest addition to a wide range of eateries in Dubai.

Alaya Is Now An Royally Approved Restaurant

The location stands as a testament to delicacies from the colourful local cuisine of the Middle East to the savoury Mediterranean Coast shoreline. This concept, which promises to give a story of a gastronomic trip from the Oriental Coast of the Mediterranean Sea to the busy bazaar of the Middle East, was the brainchild of Chef Izu and Evgeny Kuzin.


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Izu Ani is a chef who Sheikh Hamdan adores, and on September 8th, he paid a visit with HH Sheikh Mohammad to Alaya. The interiors are full of rich shades of brown. The creamy colours, intricate imprints and definitive tapestry tell a luxe tale about this place.

Menu Includes Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavours

Chef Izu Ani crafted the menu with fresh ingredients to add that hint of flavour. He was successful in curating the food which is the epitome of balance between traditional cooking and innovation.

Zaks Mediterranean Restaurant

Aromatic herbs and spices, such as cumin, cinnamon, turmeric, nutmeg, and cardamom are necessary for every dish. They primarily observe the lemony flavours of sumac.  Quality meat and seafood are also available. The cuisine is incomplete without numerous nuts, such as pine, pistachio, almond, and sesame, as well as freekeh, lentils, and plenty of lemon juice.

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