Shelter Homes In Delhi To Keep People Warm Amidst The Bone-Chilling Coldwave. Homeless Share The Reality Of Some Places

by Shreya Ghosh
Shelter Homes In Delhi To Keep People Warm Amidst The Bone-Chilling Coldwave. Homeless Share The Reality Of Some Places

The temperature is dropping in North India making the winter season unbearable. And with such extreme cold, it is getting difficult for homeless people to survive the winter without a roof or any warm clothes to protect them. Shelter homes named Rain Basera have been opened in Delhi for these people amid the chilling coldwave. With a temporary roof over their head, these people are also provided with blankets, beds, and breakfast.

Rain Basera In Delhi Are Helpless People Warm In This Winter Season

The shelter homes are equipped with basic arrangements so that the needy people can stay there without any issues or problems. There are caretakers too to help the people. These caretakers are given first aid kits as well to take care of the ones staying there and help with first aid treatment in case of any emergency. They also have the contact number of the Ambulance in case required.

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The cold is truly intolerable making it hard to deal with the gloomy weather. With these shelter homes and a temporary roof over their head, Rain Basera also provides homeless people with toilet and water facilities as well.

This Is Not The Reality In All The Places

Even after such arrangements to protect the needy, there are many homeless people who are not getting aid in the bone-chilling weather. The shelter homes are so crowded that people cannot enter inside anymore. They cannot get a bit of space in Rain Basera because of overcrowding. They are now demanding more shelter rooms to protect themselves in this weather.

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Some of these people do not even have a single blanket or any warm clothes to keep themselves protected in the extreme coldwave. Though there are shelter homes and arrangements made to protect the homeless people in the national capital, Rain Basera is not enough for all the needy people all around the city.

And with nothing to protect themselves from the chills, they are depending on bonfires to stay warm for as little time as possible.

The Indian Meteorological Department stated that they are expecting the cold to re-emerge from 15 January.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons, Twitter/ Npp sbm 800736 (@NppPilkhuwaSbm)