Shillong In Northeast India Has Dreamy White Wedding Locations

by Sanmita A
Shillong In Northeast India Has Dreamy White Wedding Locations

Away from the maddening crowd, the city’s cacophony and concrete, find yourself a place in the hills where you can say wedding vows to your partners and finally marry each other. A lot of hill stations in India are explored, while a few in the North East of India still remain untouched. What can be more romantic and picture-perfect than saying the vows, and having your white wedding in the backdrop of lush greenery, scenic landscapes, the mountains and pleasant weather? Shillong, a picturesque city in Meghalaya has perfect locations for your white wedding. Read on to know more!

Walk The Aisle Amid Natural Aesthetics

The Windermere resort in Shillong has open meadows and scenic pine forests, where you and your partner can marry each other. You can have the most sophisticated open wedding here, without fearing the temperatures and make photographs that look perfect with the hills.


Take a look at the property, here.

Romantic Vibes And Hills

One of Shillong’s known properties, the Woodstock Farmhouse is another venue for you to have the white wedding of your dreams. It is away from the city and rhymes perfectly with the landscapes here. We guarantee that you’ll have the most luxurious wedding at this property with the best of services.

Check out the property, here.

Serenity By The Lake

This property, Ri Kynjai is located on the outskirts of Shillong overlooking the picturesque Umiam Lake. If you really wish to have a tinge of the local vibe added to your wedding, then this resort has the most captivating ambience and architecture which truly depicts the Khasi culture.

Shillong Wedding

Take a look at the property, here.

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Panoramic Views Of The Majestic Meghalayan Mountains

The Polo Orchid Resort will give you all the reasons to marry your partner in this hill station. Located a little towards the outskirts, Polo Orchid resort has the idyllic setting for your white wedding. It is known for its hospitality and five-star services.

Take a look at the property, here.

Orange And Clear Evening Skies

The Odeum, Shillong is another property that overlooks the hills and has a luxurious, sophisticated vibe. You can have an intimate as well as a big wedding too within the property. The place emits a warm hospitable vibes and is the perfect place for you and your guests to unwind and have a memorable evening!

Ṣhillong_3You can check the property, here.

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