Try Bengaluru’s Donne Biryani at Shivaji Military Hotel

by Chirasree Pal
Try Bengaluru’s Donne Biryani at Shivaji Military Hotel

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The century-old Military Hotel in Bengaluru serves Donne Biryani prepared by the owner himself.

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Head to the century-old Shivaji Military Hotel at Jayanagar, to taste the authentic Donne Biryani – a speciality of Bengaluru. Even after the immense popularity of this eatery for years now, you will still find the humble owners preparing the dish with their own hands every day, using the family’s secret mix of spices.

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History of Military Hotels

Bengaluru has a strong history of military hotels. Back in the days, Bangalore was a cantonment area, full of soldiers looking for non-veg food. Acting to their needs, a Maratha army started a hotel serving non-veg food items. Soon more such places came up and it started becoming popular amongst ordinary people too who began to call these eateries Military-Hotels. Hence the cuisine is a mixture of Marathi and Kannada flavors. Today, there are quite a few popular Military Hotels in Namma Bengaluru. Shivaji Military Hotel is one of the oldest and most popular amongst them all.

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How Did Donne Biryani Get Its Name?

Indians love Biryanis and every region has its own version of the dish. The speciality of Bengaluru is the ‘Donne Biryani’. This biryani is prepared by mixing rice with chicken marinated in a paste of coriander and mint leaves, giving the dish its greenish color. And the most important factor is the way this biryani is presented. Donne biryani is served in a dried leaf bowl, which is known as Donne in Kannada. Yes! That’s how the name of the dish was coined!


About Shivaji Military Hotel

Shivaji Military Hotel is a century-old iconic eatery of Bengaluru serving the most authentic Donne Biryani. It was established by S. Mannaji Rao in 1908. It is now run by the brothers Rajiv Bhonsle and Lokesh Bhonsle. Even though this place serves only during breakfast and lunchtime, it is always abuzz with customers. Be it a weekday or a weekend, you will have to visit Shivaji hotel with some time in hand considering the wait time owing to its huge popularity.

What To Eat?

The most loved dish at Shivaji Military hotel has to be the Donne biryani which comes in the variants of Mutton Biryani (Rs.200/-) and Chicken Biryani (Rs.170/-). Other popular dishes here include the Mutton Paya soup or leg soup (Rs.150/-), Mutton Liver (Rs.140/-) and Pepper Chicken (Rs.150/-). Dosa(Rs.45/-) is a favourite amongst people walking in for breakfast. Having got a chance to try some of the dishes, we definitely know what the craze is all about! You are sure to walk out with a happy tummy, given the taste, quality, and quantity of the food, and for that matter, with the reasonable pricing, a happy pocket too!


Address: Shivaji Military Hotel, No. 718, 1st C Main, 45th Cross, 8th Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560082
Timings: Tuesday to Sunday -8:00 am -to 3:00 pm
Cost: ₹450 for two people
Contact: 09845149217