Shocking Survey Shows 28% Indians Plan To Travel In August Amid Third Wave Scare

by Tania Tarafdar
Shocking Survey Shows 28% Indians Plan To Travel In August Amid Third Wave Scare

Amid the fear of the third wave, a lot of Indians are willing to travel in August and September revealed a new report. Online platform LocalCircles conducted a survey to understand the travel patterns in the upcoming months and found that about 28% of Indians were ready to travel in August and September. In the 18,000 responses from 311 districts, 68% were men and the rest were women.

5% Indians Already Made Their Bookings For  August & September

Out of the 28% planning to travel in August and September about 5% of them have already made their bookings for accommodation. Meanwhile, as many as 63% of people said that they don’t have any travel plans and about 9% of them were unsure about travelling. LocalCircles said it will submit the survey results to both central and state governments to help them mitigate the risk of COVID-19 third wave. These Destinations Are Sending Back Tourists As ‘Anti-Travel’ Emerges As The Newest Trend.

About 13% Of Indians Wish To Enjoy A Holiday Right Now

The survey also revealed that about 13% of people wanted to enjoy a holiday destination, while 39% said that they would like to visit family and friends. The LocalCircles survey also revealed that many Indians travelled during the COVID-19 second wave as they faced teething issues due to the travel agent or the airline not refunding any money. Revenge Travel Is The Newest Buzzword Among Travel Enthusiasts & Here’s Why!

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According to a recent report by the State Bank of India, the third wave may hit the country from August and reach its peak in September.