ShokuduCTReview: I Visited Shokudu, A New Japanese & Pan-Asian Space In Jayanagar, Bangalore & It Was…

Jayanagar 4th Block in Bangalore is now home to a new Japanese restaurant that also serves Pan Asian fare.

by Sanjana Shenoy
ShokuduCTReview: I Visited Shokudu, A New Japanese & Pan-Asian Space In Jayanagar, Bangalore & It Was…

On a chilly winter night in Namma Bengaluru, what I craved the most to soothe my sore throat and sniffle was a bowl of piping hot ramen. A bowl of spicy, flavoursome broth, udon noodles that packed a bite, and crunchy veggies seemed ideal. My random scrolls guided me to Shokudu, a new Japanese and Pan Asian restaurant nestled in Jayanagar 4th block.

Shokudu: Inviting Sushi Bar & Wood-Clad Interiors

Image Credits: Sanjana Shenoy

Shokudu unassumingly sits on the first floor of a building ( Blue Cross Veterinary Clinic on the ground floor) on the 11th main road of Jayanagar 4th block. Popular for its darshinis serving dosas and pure veg North Indian family diners, a Japanese restaurant in this vicinity comes as a pleasant surprise for a South Bengalurean, like me.

When I first stepped into Shokudu, the tastefully done minimalistic ambience, clad in wood, instantly put me at ease. Quaint, charming and laid back are ways I’d describe the space. While I opted for a window-facing table to soak in the city views, the sushi bar with sushi chefs and mixologists at play was equally tempting. On a more casual outing sans my bad cold, I’d have seated myself at the sushi bar and chatted with the chefs.

Sushi & Mouthwatering Bowl Of Ramen To Soothe Winter Chills

Philadelphia Roll (Image Credits: Sanjana Shenoy)

Shokudu has an extensive menu that goes beyond Japanese staples like ramen and sushi. For adventurous foodies and Pan-Asian cuisine lovers, the restaurant lets you delve into Korean, Thai, Chinese and Indonesian flavours. An elaborate sushi menu offers you enough and more vegetarian sushi plates. I with my sweet tooth (tusk, rather) was overly excited about trying out their wide range of Asian desserts. Many of which I’ve been introduced to in catchy Insta reels.

My order was short— Philadelphia Roll and Veg Korean Spicy Ramen. You can blame my small appetite and bad cold for the limited fare. The Philadelphia Roll is a combination of smoked salmon, silky cream cheese and crisp cucumber. For someone who has an affinity for sushi, the Philadelphia Roll, while delicious in flavours fell short in terms of texture. I found the rice a little chewy to my liking. Also, a smaller sushi size could have made the eating experience more convenient.

Coming to the most awaited order, Veg Korean Spicy Ramen, it was soul-nourishing! A beautiful bowl of crispy tofu, strikingly green bok choy, corn, oyster mushrooms, noodles swimming in a flavoursome broth was placed in front of me. As I tucked into the ramen it felt like a warm hug in a bowl, exactly what I needed and craved. The luscious handmade noodles packed a bite. The oyster mushrooms added the texture while the tofu, the necessary protein and the tangy-spicy broth brought all the elements together.

Veg Korean Spicy Ramen (Image Credits: Sanjana Shenoy)

Just like the Japanese, once I was done heartily slurping the noodles and veggies, I picked up the bowl and sipped the broth, straight out of it. It was that good, trust me! The lip-smacking ramen probably invigorated my spirit. And I ended up browsing through the menu to seal the deal at Shokudu with a traditional Asian dessert.

A Traditional Japanese Street Food Dessert For The Sweet Tooth

My eyes fell on Taiyaki — a fish-shaped golden-brown Japanese pastry filled with red bean paste. A street food delicacy popular in Japan and South Korea, Taiyaki was a dessert I’ve been curious to try for quite a while. Shokudu’s dessert menu gives culinary adventurers like me the opportunity to experiment and get accustomed to the traditional street food delicacies of Asia.

Taiyaki (Image Credits: Sanjana Shenoy)

A plate of Taiyaki comes with a generous serving of two fish-shaped pastries. A small saucer filled with maple sauce is served on the side. Pour the maple sauce over the pastries, straight out of the pan, and devour them hot. The Taiyakis had crunchy ends with a pillowy centre. The red bean filling had a unique sweet taste with subtle savoury notes. While the maple syrup ensured the dessert didn’t go dry as the pastries provided the perfect vehicle to soak in the sweet sauce.

At this point, might I add a special mention to the staff at Shokudu for patiently guiding me through the menu and earnestly describing the flavour profiles of the dishes?

Shokudu, a Japanese and Pan-Asian restaurant right in the heart of buzzing Jayanagar 4th Block, I’d say, is a perfect place for foodies to enjoy a heartwarming dining experience with their loved ones. And of course, during the chilly winter in Bengaluru, a hot bowl of ramen, if and when your soul seeks, you’ll find it here— a hug in a bowl!

Where: 45, 1st Floor, H.B. Inspire, 11th Main Road, Jayanagar, Bangalore
When: 12:30 pm to 10:30 pm
Cost: ₹1,500 for two approx

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