Should Indian Airlines Be Allowed To Serve Alcohol On Domestic Flights?

by Kritika Kukreja
Should Indian Airlines Be Allowed To Serve Alcohol On Domestic Flights?

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A few years back, Indian Airlines used to serve hard drinks on domestic flights but it was stopped. Do you think it should be started again? 

What Is It?

The aviation department is getting plenty of representatives from various wineries and alcohol brands from India to start serving hard drinks on domestic flights. A few years ago, airlines were serving liquor on domestic flights, but it was stopped due to certain instances. There were complaints against a lot of passengers for misbehaving and foul play with the airline staff and other passengers. Hence, alcohol was completely banned from flights within India.  

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What Now?

During International flights, many of the Indian Airlines are serving alcohol for long-haul flights even today. Most or all foreign airlines are offering alcohol on their domestic and International flights. But is the Indian population mature enough now to handle alcohol on domestic flights? Is it appropriate to be serving alcohol on flights less than 3 hours in duration?

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