Shubh Mangal Savdhaan! These Are 7 Delicious Dishes You Cannot Miss At A Maharashtrian Wedding

These are the dishes you will generally find in a typical Maharashtrian wedding!

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Shubh Mangal Savdhaan! These Are 7 Delicious Dishes You Cannot Miss At A Maharashtrian Wedding

These days, attend any wedding, and you will find all foreign cuisines being served there. From Korean to Thai, these days you actually need Google Translate to know what dish you are being served. But some people still believe in the traditional way of getting married, with traditional dishes being served, and you must visit such weddings for sure. If you ever get a chance, make sure that you do not miss a Maharashtrian wedding because they serve some of the most lip-smacking dishes. Here’s a list of what you will surely find at a typical Marathi wedding buffet. 

Maharashtrian Wedding Dishes

1. Bharli Vangi

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A Maharashtrian wedding feast would not be complete without the stuffed eggplant curry known as Bharli Vangi. Baby eggplants that are still tender are packed with a tasty concoction of spices, peanuts, and coconut and cooked in a thick sauce. As a consequence, you are left with a dish that is bursting with real Maharashtrian spices that will definitely stick in your mouth.

2. Puran Poli

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There’s nothing better to start off the gastronomic celebrations at a Maharashtrian wedding feast than with the delectable Puran Poli. Weddings aren’t complete without these delicate flatbreads filled with a sweet lentil mixture made with jaggery, chana dal, and aromatic spices. Puran Poli, served warm and with a dollop of ghee, sets the tone for a pleasant culinary adventure.

3. Batata Vada

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In Marathi, the word “batata” means potato. In essence, a batata vada is a mashed potato ball covered in a thick layer of besan, a type of batter. Batata vada and vada pav share the same vada. It is actually best served with green chutney and makes a superb appetiser at Maharashtrian weddings. There’s no other appetizer that can make you as happy as this one! 

4. Varan Bhaat

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Every Maharashtrian’s go-to dish for solace is varan bhaat. Split pigeon peas are used to make the easy and satisfying lentil soup varan (toor dal). In Maharashtrian cuisine, it is a mainstay. Steamed white rice is called bhaat.  In fact, Varan Bhaat is the essence of a Maharashtrian wedding feast.

5. Kokam Serbet

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Are you thinking about what is served as a welcome drink in a typical Marathi wedding? Well, it’s the famous Kokam serbet. This refreshing drink is served at weddings and trust me it’s the best thing especially if you are attending a summer wedding. This drink is made using kokum and is seasoned with black salt and jeera powder for a tinge of flavours. 

6. Misal Pav

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Maharashtra in India is home to the spicy and tangy dish Misal Pav. Misal is a very thin gravy with moong or matki in it and amazing spicy flavours added by various spices. Onions, lemon, coriander, and farsan, or sev, are added to the finished meal. It is typically served hot with dahi and papad, toasted bread, or rolls topped with butter and buttermilk.

7. Shrikhand

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Cardamom, sugar, and thick yoghurt are the ingredients. Aside from saffron, mango, pistachios, almond nuts, and other flavors, khomati has a creamy texture. It is unknown where Shrikhand originated, despite being quite popular in Gujarat and Maharashtra in western India. It can be consumed every day, although it is served on important festive occasions. 

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Have you ever been to a Maharashtrian wedding?

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