Take A Dip In This Glass-Bottomed Pool 75 Feet In The Air In The US

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
Take A Dip In This Glass-Bottomed Pool 75 Feet In The Air In The US

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Skip the Hawaiian beaches and head straight to this glass-bottomed pool that extends from the Anaha tower in Honolulu.

What Is It?

The pool is built at the luxury tower named Anaha tower located in Honolulu. The construction of the pool is such that it hangs over the sidewalk, 75 feet above the ground on a 38-storey building.

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What’s In It?

The pool extends 15 off the edge of the tower and has a glass bottom hanging 75 feet in the air. The building also features a restaurant, shops, apartments and a vertical garden which has as many as 8,000 tropical plants.

The pool features as a lap and leisure pool for Anaha residents, designed keeping the play of light on water in mind and making it one-of-the-first in Honolulu. The building was designed by Chicago-based Soloman Cordwell Buenz in partnership with Benjamin Woo Architects.

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Address: Anaha, Honolulu, 1108 Auahi Street, Hawaii


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