Slice Or Bite? Pitfire’s Chicken Shawarma Pizza In Dubai Will Surely Leave You Stumped!

by Deeplata Garde
Slice Or Bite? Pitfire’s Chicken Shawarma Pizza In Dubai Will Surely Leave You Stumped!

Stepping out to eat is always confusing in Dubai as we are hurled with a plethora of options. Choosing between our two favourite dishes namely Shawarma and pizza is always difficult. So this restaurant has made provision to sway away our problem but in a very unconventional way. Imagine the combination of these Chicken Shawarma & Pizza. Well now you don’t have to imagine as you can easily get it at Pitfire in Dubai

Chicken Shawarma Pizza At Pitfire’s Dubai Restaurant

One of the most favoured meals on earth is pizza. In contrast, one of the most popular meals in this area is chicken shawarma. The crucial query is, however, whether they ought to be merged.

The Ramadan-exclusive chicken shawarma pie has been added to the menu at the local pizzeria. Shawarma for Middle-eastern people is not just food but an expression of love. Hence to pay a tribute to a beloved traditional street cuisine dish led to the birth of Chicken Shawarma Pizza. The 10-inch circle of love will cost Dhs58.

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It’s A Flavour Bomb

The sourdough crust of Pitfire’s shawarma has been mixed with the savoury, tangy flavours of traditional shawarma. Expect spiced shawarma gravy, poultry, and roasted potatoes on top, with chopped Arabic pickles and garlic sauce on the bottom. Sounds like shawarma looks like pizza!

The chicken shawarma pizza will undoubtedly be the talk of the iftar spread. There can be either of them happening. Visitors compliment you or perhaps give you a horrified expression.

Where to get your hands on this novel pizza? Well, Arjan, JLT Cluster D and Vincitore Boulevard both serve chicken shawarma pizza for dine-in customers. The JLT locations, as well as the branches in Arjan and Marasi Drive, can order a delivery from these branches.

Don’t fancy the Chicken Shawarma Pizza? Pitfire also offers a unique pulled lamb shawarma pizza. The dough is slathered with lamb marinated for 24 hours, covered with parsley, onion salad, and Arabic pickles, and drizzled with a spiced tahini yoghurt sauce. The cost of this one, which is only offered at Time Out Market Dubai, is Dhs62.

These choices of pizzas are time-bound and would go out post-Ramadan it seems. So if this unimaginable pair-up tantalizes your tastebuds then drop in or get it delivered from Pitfire.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/Pitfire’s