Oasis And Lacnor Are On A Mission To Inspire The Next Generation

by Tania Tarafdar
Oasis And Lacnor Are On A Mission To Inspire The Next Generation

Lacnor and Oasis, on a mission to inspire the next generation to create a sustainable and healthier tomorrow, invited kids to share their ideas for a better future with the community initiative ‘Small Voice, Big Difference’. The initiative aimed to help kids ideate, formulate, and bring to life their best ideas and to give everyone a brighter, healthier, and happier tomorrow.

The Initiative Aimed To Give Everyone A Brighter, Healthier & Happier Tomorrow

As a part of the campaign, ‘Sustainability & Health’ workshops took place in 45 schools in the UAE, with more than 30,000 participants. In fact, over 3.4 million people reached on social media in the UAE. Throughout the campaign, they ran in-store and online activities to create a fun, learning environment for kids.

The successful campaign ‘Small Voice, Big Difference’ was celebrated by Lacnor and Oasis, the leading brands of National Food Products Company (NFPC). The nature-inspired award ceremony was hosted at The Farm, Al Barari where kids with the winning ideas for the future were awarded and announced as members of the first two kids’ councils: Lacnor Kids Council for Health and Oasis Kids Coun­­cil for the Environment.

Every Child Had Unique Ideas For A Better Future

Over 5,000 kids participated in the campaign and submitted their wonderful ideas. They were judged by a professional jury consisting of Dubai Municipality Food Safety Department, Dubai Municipality Environment Department, Emirates Environmental Group, Sharjah Education Council and Bee’ah, together with Lacnor and Oasis. Every participant had a truly inspiring idea for a better tomorrow. The jury, therefore, had a difficult task selecting a total of 8 winners and members of Lacnor Kids Council for Health and 8 more winners and members of Oasis Kids Council for the Environment.

The Grand Winners Will Become The Heads Of Their Respective Councils

Four grand winners won fully-covered, one-year school tuition fees, sponsored by Lacnor and Oasis. This was awarded to recognise their incredible ideas for a better future, as well as to support them in their education in years to come. These grand winners will also become the heads of their respective councils and will continue working on their ideas along with Lacnor, Oasis, government agencies and organisations. The remaining 14 runners-up won a full year of educational and recreational activities, including music lessons, sports, science, and art.

Lacnor and Oasis are honoured to announce the incredible grand winners and express the highest gratitude for all the participants. They are looking forward with excitement for the first initiatives of Lacnor Kids Council for Health and Oasis Kids Council for the Environment to come to life.