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    We all feel like smashing or breaking something when we are stressed or angry. The Smash Room in Dubai allows you to break and smash various glass and electronic items to remove your stress and anger starting from AED 99. 

    What Is It? 

    What do you do when you feel stressed or angry? You try to throw your pillows or smack your phone on the bed but that doesn’t help correct. We have got something better for you that will relieve your stress and frustration by smashing real stuff. The Smash Room in Dubai lets you shatter, break, stomp, tear, yell, at actual things that involve from glass items to electronics. 

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    Sometimes a sledgehammer doesn’t do enough damage.

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    The Quickie99 AED (For 1 PAX)

    10 Glass Items

    No Electronics

    Smash & Dash149 AED (For 1 PAX)

    15 Glass Items

      1 Electronics

    THE BIG BANG249 AED (For 1 PAX)

      20 Glass Items

        2 Electronics

    TWO 2 TANGO299 AED (For 2 PAX)

    30 Glass Items

        2 Electronics

    The 3 Sum499 AED (For 3 PAX)

    45 Glass Items

    3 Electronics

    Donate Your Waste 

    The Smash Room is always open to accept old waste that is taking up unwanted space at your home. You name any waste and they happily accept it. From Electronics, Furniture, Tables, phones, artificial flowers refrigerators (red tagged only), Radios, Small Trash Cans and the list goes on and on.

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    Location: 195 Umm Suqeim St – Dubai
    Contact: 04 339 7810
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    Dhruv Maniar
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