Social Media Star Vitaly Arrested For Climbing Pyramids In Egypt

by Sanjana Shenoy
Social Media Star Vitaly Arrested For Climbing Pyramids In Egypt

Historic monuments have stayed strong against the test of time. But not for long, as there is a dearth of common sense in this world. And the testimony to this fact is the latest news where the social media star Vitaly was arrested for climbing the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. The American-Russian Youtuber and influencer, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy is popularly known as VitalyzdTv having more than 3 million fans, was arrested when he tried to climb the pyramids to capture the perfect photo.

What’s In It?

Vitaly had to spend 5 days in jail in Egypt after climbing one of the Pyramids of Giza located close to Cairo. A few days back the social media star had uploaded a picture where he was seen bragging about how he was going to take over Egypt. And then days later, he communicated to his fans on social media that he had been arrested.

In one of his posts, Vitaly could be seen perched on top of one of the pyramids. The caption of the pic stated that he couldn’t explain in words what he went through the past five days. He also mentioned in the same post that he was locked up in Egypt because he climbed the Pyramids of Giza. He further explained to his fans that he had been to jail many times but by far it was the worst experience he ever had and doesn’t wish it upon anybody. In Vitaly’s defence, he had attempted the stunt for a good cause, to draw awareness of the plight of bushfires in Australia and to garner donation for the needy. For this, an Instagram user cheekily replied that he’s from Australia and they will be fine, so it would be better if Vitaly helped raise money for the poverty in Egypt.

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What’s More?

In spite of describing a jail experience to be a horrid one, Vitaly still stated that it was all worth it. According to the social media star, he climbed it for a ‘good cause’. He even shared the full video of him climbing the pyramids and getting arrested where he is seen perched at the back of a police van in Egypt. His post has received more than 192000 likes and over 2000 comments and several comments include flame and laughing emoticons.

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The Egyptian Parliament decided that it was illegal to climb the Pyramids of Giza and whoever is seen violating this law will have to pay hefty fines of thousands of dollars along with 30 days in jail. In the age of social media influencers, one must be able to understand the difference between what’s legal, ethical, moral or just a stunt. And draw a clear line between these. And for every traveller out there its necessary to maintain the sanctity of monuments and respect the culture of the place. Responsible travelling is the way to go!  If you planning to visit Egypt here’s everything you need to know Egypt Visa for Indians, Indian Passport: Types, Application Fee, Form, Requirements And Visa On Arrival