Social Media’s New Thirst Trap, Stanley Travel Tumbler: What It Is & Why Are We Obsessed?

Has the 'once iconic' drinkware become the new 'seen-it-everywhere' canvas tote bag?

by Tejashee Kashyap
Social Media’s New Thirst Trap, Stanley Travel Tumbler: What It Is & Why Are We Obsessed?

In a bizarre incident, the social media trend of carrying a Stanley travel tumbler reached new heights. A 23-year old woman in California was detained and charged with grand theft for allegedly stealing more than fifty of these tumblers. Police were called to a store in Roseville, California, after it was reported that the woman had a shopping cart full of the newest water bottles and was allegedly refusing to pay for. Thanks to a heightened frenzy on social media and limited releases that have resulted in full-blown brawls in Target. So, are we really thinking about hydrating ourselves from these bottles or is this another clout moment?

What Are These Stanley Travel Tumbler?


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The Stanley Cup is an iconic symbol in the world of professional ice hockey. Winning the cup is the highest conceivable achievement for any sportsperson. But according to the internet, the drinking cup is better and definitely, a rage product to have on the shelves. Big, sophisticated, stainless steel water bottles, like Stanleys are social media’s new trend.

In order to get a water tumbler that has gone viral on TikTok, would you camp outside a supermarket? Stanley drinkware, once associated with workers and hikers, has evolved into a status symbol for wellness-conscious internet trend-spotters. With more than a billion views globally, the #StanleyCup hashtag is becoming more and more well-known. So is people’s thirst for the mania that has even led others to try breaking the law.

The widely recognised Stanley cup is carried by numerous influencers and even A-list celebrities who commend its purportedly enhanced functionality while also making fun of its occasionally humorous impracticality.

Initially crafted for keeping beverages hot or cold in challenging outdoor environments, the Stanley bottle became an essential companion for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts. One of the key factors contributing to the Stanley Water Bottle’s craze is its timeless design. The design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also serves a functional purpose, with features like a sturdy handle, leak-proof lid, and a wide-mouth opening for easy filling and cleaning. However, it wasn’t until recent years that the Stanley Water Bottle gained mainstream popularity.

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But, Why This Craze?


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Reusable water bottles have been in style for decades, and there is a pressing need to join the battle against single-use containers. These days, many people buy Stanley products as fashionable collector’s pieces. A few patrons gather outside retail shops to obtain the most exclusive models. While others use social media as a platform to flaunt their vast and vibrant Stanley collections, which occasionally fill a whole kitchen shelf or a specially designated cabinet. Has this once iconic drinkware became the seen -it-everywhere canvas tote bag?

There is a noticeable conflict between the quencher’s longevity and its current collectible status. Some videos are made in response to the popular videos of Stanley collectors. They either point out the absurdity of this reusable container intended to limit consumption, or they critique the product for being too big or expensive.

What happens once the trend of Stanley travel tumblers fade out? Would these drinkware that populate social media now might eventually turn into a pastel-coloured dump in landfills across the globe?

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