Solo Euro Trip: Backpacking Across Germany, Switzerland & Hungary Led Me To My Fave Place On Earth

by Nancy Johri
Solo Euro Trip: Backpacking Across Germany, Switzerland & Hungary Led Me To My Fave Place On Earth

Welcome to the second and last part of my 20-day Solo Euro Trip. Continuing my trip, the next Schengen destinations on my itinerary were Germany, Switzerland, and Hungary. The highlight of my journey was Konstanz, a non-touristy city in Germany about which I had zero knowledge but is now my favourite. Speaking of favourites, the country I liked the most on this trip was Hungary – a paradise for backpackers and foodies. The laid-back vibes, gorgeous architecture, rich musical heritage, and the River Danube still make me miss Budapest a lot.

Europe is magic! It’s beautiful and vibrant. Its cities will make you feel a lot of emotions, especially if you are travelling solo like me. Let me take you on my journey with the hope that its magic will charm you as well.

Highlights Of My 20-Day Solo Euro Trip


1. Hamburg


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This German city is world famous for its Red Light District, where the Beatles first made their mark during the 1960s. Hamburg’s art museums and colourful neighbourhoods showcase 19th-century architecture. A 2-hour walking tour of the port of Hamburg and Reeperbahn is a great way to explore all this and more. After that, I spent time roaming around Alster. I went to see the famous Wasserlichtspiele Planten un Blomen (an illuminated fountain and music show). I also visited Stadtpark which is the third largest park in Hamburg. Sprawled across 1.5 million square metres, there are flower beds, paths, playgrounds, the Planetarium, the natural pool Stadtparksee, and so much more!

2. Konstanz


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This city on Lake Constance in southern Germany is the highlight of my entire Solo Euro Trip. The place is amazingly gorgeous and I was fortunate enough to explore it like a real traveller. Thanks to Joe, my German friend who lives there and added a local flavour to my vacation. First, we hiked to reach a beautiful lake with cobalt blue water. Then he took me to his friend’s birthday party and later to a crazy forest party at night.

We also went to Reichenau Island for dinner at Sandseele (highly recommended).  After that, we headed to Old Town (Niederburg) – a must-visit when you are in Konstanz. I took a leisurely stroll through the narrow streets and was completely fascinated with the beautiful half-timbered houses, colourful facades, and intricate doorways. On the last day, we took a night walk around Seerhein–a river in the basin of Lake Constance.

While spending time in Konstanz, I realised that the best moments of travelling aren’t always the crazy adventures or the expensive excursions. They are the moments when you have found people you connect with and are doing something simple with them, like sitting by the lakeside and casually talking about the immense power of the universe. Google will not show you Konstanz when you search for places to visit in Germany, but somehow this place and this experience have become my favourite in the entire world so far! 

3. Stuttgart


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Affectionately known as the “Cradle of the automobile,” this city was my last stop in Germany. It is home to famous automobile museums like the Mercedes-Benz Museum and Porsche Museum. I had only one day there to meet my relatives but luckily I could take some time out to visit Schlossplatz which is the largest square in Stuttgart Mitte. The place is surrounded by historic buildings, fountains, green spaces, restaurants, and malls. If you love shopping, good food, and beer, then it is a great option.

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This was an unexpected addition to my journey. Just a 10-minute drive from Konstanz took me to Tägerwilen which is a municipality in the canton of Thurgau in Switzerland. Since it was the border area, I had the entire place to myself. It was like a day trip for me and I spent my time just sitting in front of Lake Constance and soaking in the natural beauty. The sunflower fields instantly took my breath away!


1. Cat Museum


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Located in Budapest, this museum is a purrfect place for cat lovers! Here, you can explore an interactive art exhibition along with spending time with eight cute little cats. You can pet them, play with them, or just look at them. These furballs are extremely adorable and playful, and you are going to love it here if you are an animal lover like me. A complimentary warm drink of your choice is also included in the entry ticket. 

Ticket price: 3125 HUF (₹710)

Duration: 1.5 hours

2. Walking Tour


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This walking tour is a great way to learn about Hungarian culture and discover the city’s colourful history. We covered the most important sights and attractions on the Pest side of Budapest like the Historical City Centre, Liberty Square, Parliament, Shoes on the Danube, and Chain Bridge, along with many hidden gems and memorials. The guide also recommended where and what to eat and drink when in this European city. If you would like to explore the place like a local, then consider including this tour in your itinerary.

Cost: There is no set price and you can pay your guide at the end of the tour the amount you consider appropriate depending on your satisfaction, starting from 3900 HUF (₹900) at least.  

Duration: 2.5 hours

3. City Highlights Evening Cruise With Welcome Drink


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Explore Budapest on a cruise along the River Danube while sipping on a complimentary glass of wine. You can see another side of Budapest and admire the famous bridges, Buda Castle, Várkert Bazár, Gellert Hill, Hungarian Parliament Building, and panoramic city views. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride as you cruise along the calm waters. I would recommend choosing night-time for this cruise. Head to the open deck for perfect views!

Cost: 4500 HUF (₹1,020)

Duration: 1 hour

4. Buda Castle Cave Walking Tour


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For this guided tour, I had to cross the bridge to go to the Buda side of Budapest. Under the Buda Castle District lies the labyrinth cave system! I learnt about the unique geology of the caverns here and a lot of history. The natural limestone caverns and 800-year-old man-made cellars are simply marvellous. The caves once served as bomb shelters, wine cellars, and even a medieval prison. This is one of the most extraordinary caves in Hungary!

Cost: 4200 HUF (₹960)

Duration: 40 minutes

5. Castle District


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Located on the Buda side of the River Danube, the Castle District is the nerve centre of Budapest’s history. There are many important museums and other attractions that you can explore here. Do not miss Fishermen’s Bastion, Matthias Church, Matthias Fountain, Buda Castle, Castle Hill, Royal Palace, House of Houdini, etc. And don’t forget to try authentic Hungarian food in Buda’s excellent restaurants. The place is huge and I took an entire day to explore it.

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How Much Did The Entire Trip Cost Me?

I spent a total of ₹2 lakhs on this 20-day Euro trip. My major expenses were:

1. Flights

I spent ₹59,000 on 2 flights – India to Sweden and Hungary to India.

2. Accommodations

I spent ₹21,500 for a total of 10 nights’ stay in Stockholm, Hamburg, and Budapest. I stayed with my friends and family in Copenhagen, Konstanz, and Stuttgart. So fortunately no expenses there!

3. Trains

I would highly recommend exploring Europe via train. It is convenient, pocket-friendly, and definitely scenic. I took 2 intra-country trains (Hamburg-Konstanz and Konstanz-Stuttgart) and 3 inter-country trains (Sweden-Denmark, Denmark-Germany, and Germany-Hungary). It cost me ₹18,500 in total. 

4. Entry Tickets

The entry tickets to the various museums and other places I visited cost me around ₹17,000.

5. Schengen Visa

Getting a Schengen Visa cost me ₹8,600.

I hope my travel experiences will help you in planning a wonderful escapade to this incredible continent.

Happy travelling!

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