Some Dubai Residential Buildings Have Banned E-scooters For Tenants; Here’s Why

by Deeplata Garde
Some Dubai Residential Buildings Have Banned E-scooters For Tenants; Here’s Why

E-scooters, or electric scooters, are becoming increasingly popular in Dubai as a handy and environmentally responsible method of transportation, particularly for short distances. They do, however, offer some safety issues for both riders and those living on the premises where they are kept and charged.

Here’s Why Dubai Landlords & Some Residential Buildings Have Ban E-scooter

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Some Dubai residential complexes have issued an order prohibiting tenants from bringing E-scooters inside their apartments, claiming safety concerns. The ban was issued by management in response to tenant complaints about E-scooters crowding hallways and communal areas in shared housing. Some people are concerned that E-scooters will catch fire if they are left recharged overnight.

There have been a few reports of E-scooter batteries sparking and setting fire. E-scooters are powered by lithium-ion batteries, which can overheat, catch fire, and explode if they are broken or constructed incorrectly. Although there is no data on E-scooters catching fire in Dubai, there have been a couple of reports of E-scooter batteries overheating and exploding.

Several safety experts have also warned against using cheap E-scooters and chargers that are freely available online. They encourage customers to purchase only from recognised brands and to follow the manufacturer’s charging and maintenance recommendations. They also advise using a fireproof bag or container when charging the battery and avoiding leaving it unattended or overnight.

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Several Accidents Reported This Year!

e-scooter Dubai
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Aside from the fire risk, e-scooters can be dangerous to riders and other road users if not handled appropriately. According to RoadSafety UAE, several accidents involving E-scooter users have occurred, resulting in significant injuries and at least two fatalities4. The traffic authorities have begun a statewide campaign to promote E-scooter safety, emphasising the penalty for violators. E-scooters can be a fun way to go around town, but they come with certain obligations and risks. Users should be aware of the potential risks and take action to ensure their own and others’ safety. They must also follow the norms and regulations established by the authorities. The tenants are also expected to respect the decisions of the building management where they live.

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