Someone Made Pastry Maggi, Netizen Says, “This Is The Way The World Ends”; Others Call It “Torture”

A viral video of a content creator preparing Pastry Maggi is taking the Internet by storm.

by Sanjana Shenoy
Someone Made Pastry Maggi, Netizen Says, “This Is The Way The World Ends”; Others Call It “Torture”

There’s no dearth of Maggi innovation in the world. The instant noodles have been dunked in pani puris, layered in dosas and even crushed to transform into Maggi-flavoured ice cream. Oh Boy! There are even Maggi laddoos out there, which we hope no one had the privilege to bite into during the festive season. In yet another Maggi innovation (which no one asked for) there’s a viral Pastry Maggi video circulating on the Internet leaving Netizens asking, “Kyun torture kar rahe ho?” ( why are you torturing us?)

There’s A Pastry Maggi Video Circulating On The Internet & It’s…

@Cow__Momma, an X user took to the microblogging site to share a video of a content creator sarcastically preparing Pastry Maggi. First, the content creator adds oil to a pan. Next, he adds sliced onions and capsicum to the sizzling pan. Just when you believe he is preparing regular Maggi, he does the unthinkable! The man goes on to dunk an entire slice of chocolate pastry in the pan with onions and capsicum.

Then, an entire glass of water is added into the pan and the pastry, drowning in hot water and oiled veggies is smashed flat using a spatula. “Yeh ho gaya scrambled”, says the man behind the camera. Another cup of water goes into the pan scrambled chocolate pastry, veggies and oil. Next, he adds an entire packet of Maggi into the atrocious concoction. As the mixture comes to a boil, he seasons it with Maggi masala. And garnishes this with coriander, more water and garlic powder.  “Yeh ho gayi iski plating, dekho kitni gandi lag rahi hai” ( The dish is being plated, see how bad it looks), he exclaims.

The abomination of a dish is a bowl of dark brown-coloured Maggi, which looks nothing like our favourite nostalgia-invoking snack. “Aise gobbar si” ( It looks like dung), says the man as his friends cackle loudly in the background. The Pastry Maggi is finished with half a slice of chocolate pastry placed atop. @Cow__Momma in his caption mentions that the world doesn’t end with a bang, but rather with pastry in Maggi.

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Netizens Lose Their Minds In The Comments Section!

Meanwhile, Netizens flooded the comments section with hilarious and sarcastic comments. @bcchristopher says, “How do I unsee this?” To this, @Cow__Momma simply says, “You can’t”. @bindumary1011 says, “Momma are you on any personal mission to make us hate Maggie” @B5001001101 asks, “Kyu torture kar raha hai bhai”. @TheIndianDali, frustrated asks, ‘What is happening in the culinary world!”

@Bharathwaasi asks if there is Gulab Jamun Maggi, Double ka Meetha Maggi, 5-star Maggi, or even Jelly Maggi in store in the coming future. @realpoornima claims it’s time to leave the planet while @USaantana comments, “Chullu bhar pani m doob maro.” @SumeetMathew says, “This is quite edible , but I have seen a video in which the man has literally cooked an omelette with Pan Masala”. This definitely sounds quite nightmarish!

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Foodies, would you ever even in your most impulsive moment dunk pastry in Maggi? We hope not!

Cover Image Courtesy: @Cow__Momma/ X 

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