Soon Emirates Airlines Passengers Can Buy Duty-Free Products, Select Seats In Metaverse

by Deeplata Garde
Soon Emirates Airlines Passengers Can Buy Duty-Free Products, Select Seats In Metaverse

After seeping into the rental, entertainment and food sectors, Metaverse finally enters the Travel market. And their first clientele is undoubtedly the capital airlines of UAE, Emirates. Passengers on Emirates Airlines will soon be able to try out airline services in the metaverse. Choose a seat, shop for duty-free items, explore the airport, or even look around hotel rooms in the metaverse now.

Emirates Is Renown For Innovative Products

Speaking about new technology’s potential You will be able to modify and view all processes. It ranges from operations, training, or sales, using the metaverse and immersive technologies, creating it dynamically.

The airline Emirates, which is known for its creative goods and customer-centric services, reiterated its plans to create signature brand experiences in the metaverse. It plans on including both collectable and utility-based NFTs. Businesses that do not implement these innovations will be left-back. It will be really a struggle to stay up with the rest of the globe.


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Recent Metaverse Events In Dubai

Dubai is holding the world’s first NFT pay-per-view event, featuring Floyd Mayweather and Anderson Silva. As per organisers, the Global Titans Fight Series is pulling some giants to the city for the country’s first-ever NFT major sporting event.

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On Wednesday, April 27, the digital and physical worlds will intersect at Infinity des Lumires, a Dubai-based digital art centre in The Dubai Mall, which will host a one-day NFT show. Hand-drawn paintings take their appreciation of environmental concerns and are set in a post-apocalyptic future that exists in both the real and digital worlds

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On Friday, the world’s first supercar ownership NFT series debuted in Dubai. To the crowd’s surprise, the first three NFTs sold out in seconds. The NFTs come with customised digital and physical artworks. It accompanies a month of ownership and driving a Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series.

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