The Haesindang Park In South Korea Is Dedicated To Huge Dicks

by Natasha Monteiro
The Haesindang Park In South Korea Is Dedicated To Huge Dicks

Under 140 Characters

The Haesindang Park in South Korea is dedicated to giant, phallic statues! No, this isn’t a small joke!

What Is It?

Firstly, this is not a park you should take your kids to because whether you look left, right, whether you’re leaving or you’re coming (haha), there are giant penises everywhere. You don’t want to panic when your kid asks you what that giant d*ck is doing right next to his swing.

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The Haesindang Park has about 50 of these wankers ‘erected‘ in various shapes and sizes. On a good day, this park is actually a great place to visit and it is a pretty normal park.

Except for ummm this…


And some of this


The Story

The Haesindang Park has a sad story attached to it (really!). A husband left his young wife waiting by the rocks and promised to pick her up in the evening. Unfortunately, a storm hit and she died. Ever since then, the village had real bad luck with their fishing ventures. After much thought, they realised they needed to appease the dead girl and give her soul carnal pleasure. Thus came the Penis Park – standing tall and proud even today. Surprisingly, the fishing returned to normal after the construction of this park. Now isn’t that touching?

And talking about touching…

penis park


If rumours are to believed, there’s another version floating around that says the park was built to satisfy the spirit of a young virgin who drowned on the shores of a nearby village. Unfortunately, her sensual spirit drove away the fish. A fisherman finally released his ‘seamen’ into the water which brought back the fish. Way to take one for the team mate!

Some ladies have all the luck!

The Details

Can’t wait to read the details, can you? The Haesindang Park is located on the East Coast of South Korea in a small town called Sinnam. If you want to make your visit comfy, make sure you carry a book with you. How about Harry Potter and the Order Of The Penis?

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You may want to cum, we mean, come to the park to believe it! Until then check out these photos:

Stroll or stroke? Oh, the dilemma!
Sit on ‘it’
The real Statue Of Liberty
Flash a penis and wave while you’re at it. Oh! and let a dog watch because that’s normal!
We’re not telling you what to do. Go water the trees
Got wood?


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