Speeding SUV Rams Into Barricade, Hits Delhi Cop In Connaught Place; Police Arrests The Driver

by Shreya Ghosh
Speeding SUV Rams Into Barricade, Hits Delhi Cop In Connaught Place; Police Arrests The Driver

Road accidents are such terrifying sights to see. Even hearing about any sort of accident scares us and sends shivers down our spines. We recently came across such a scary incident where a police personnel met with a shocking accident. A terrible video of a cop getting thrashed and thrown by an SUV is making rounds on the Internet and the visuals are so dauntingly scary. The awful tragedy happened a couple of days back and here’s all you need to know about it.

A Speeding SUV Thrashed On Duty Police In Delhi

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, ANI (@ANI) shared a video of the accident of the Delhi police.

From the video circulating on social media platforms, it can be seen how the SUV relentlessly hit a cop in the middle of the night. It was during the intervening period between October 24 and October 25 when the unexpected accident took place. Police shared that it was around 1 AM when it happened, according to a report by News 18. The police personnel who got thrashed by the driver is Constable Ravi. He was on duty and was doing his work near the barricade.

As seen in the video, the police personnel was standing near a traffic barricade and the SUV came out of another direction and hit him directly. The car thrashed the traffic barricade and threw the cop into the air in this disheartening accident. The area where the traumatising car accident happened was in Delhi’s Connaught Place. The CCTV camera installed near the traffic barricade recorded the car hitting the police personnel and also trying to get away after this horrible accident.

The Police Was Quickly Rushed To A Hospital

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, Gaurav Verma (@gauravverma935) shared some details about the road rage accident.

Constable Ravi has been injured severely following the accident with the speeding car. It can be clearly understood how badly the car hit him as he flew a few feet high in the air. People quickly took him to a hospital for treatment. The good news is that his health condition has seen some positive changes. The News 18 report also stated about the driver behind the accident. Identified as Ram Lakhan Mishra, police have got hold of him and arrested him as well. Officials detained him and took necessary steps and actions against him.

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The worst and most painful part of the video is where the speeding SUV simply thrashed the cop, destroyed and damaged the barricades, and dragged him ahead. The force was so high that the police simply tossed a few metre high in the air. The constable was on duty and was in conversation with the driver of another car. At this moment, the SUV came from backward and hit him.

The CCTV footage going viral on several social media platforms also showed how the speeding SUV not only hit the constable near the barricade but also hit the car standing over there from the right side. From the impact of the sudden major force, that car shifted to the left side. There were a few people sitting inside that vehicle.

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These are all the updates that we have about the accident in Delhi.

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