Spend A Stress-Free Ramadan At Smash Room Dubai And Receive 15% Discount Too!

by Deeplata Garde
Spend A Stress-Free Ramadan At Smash Room Dubai And Receive 15% Discount Too!

Ramadan has commenced and the offers & discounts are in full swing. Along with beautiful staycations and dining destinations offering discounts, we have a unique idea to spend Ramadan. Here’s a peace offering for the season. Smash Room Dubai has announced Ramadan discounts and we can’t wait to enter the zone for a smashing season.

Smash Room Dubai Has Announced Ramadan Discounts

There’s no better way to spend Ramadan than an exhilarating smashing session at The Smash Room Dubai. This distinctive venue is known for providing therapeutic entertainment. To make your holy month full of surprises, Smash Room Dubai is offering a 15% discount on its Ecstasy and Euphoria packages from March 24 to Apr 20, 2023.

It is open from Monday through Thursday from 1 pm to 6 pm. The Euphoria bundle allows guests to destroy 25 glass objects, 1 CPU, and 1 printer. And the Ecstasy package only allows guests to crush 15 glass items and 1 CPU.

People can visit this nearby attraction to experience the thrill and smash items to their heart’s content if they’re looking for alternate activities to pass the long hours of the day or to get in a quick workout. The Smash Room, where entertainment meets therapy, is the best venue for stress release. Look into a variety of additional goods to smash, such as guitars, TVs, CPUs, printers, washing machines, and glass products, all of which are recycled after being destroyed. The Smash Room allows every individual to express themselves.

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Vent It Out On Objects

Smash Room Dubai
Credits: The Smash Room

The best place to channel your anger or stress is Dubai! Smash Room Dubai gives out face guards, gloves, and protective gear so you can destroy items around you in a secure setting. Everybody at The Smash Room strives to recycle, therefore every item you smash gets reused after being destroyed. Because you are preserving the environment, you can break things with confidence. To release all the tension and annoyance from work or life in general, their specifically created area is the ideal setting. You can relax by stomping, dancing, breaking, and smashing.

So if you want to experience something different this Ramadan, the Smash Room Dubai doors are open for y’all!

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