Spend The Night At A Heated Igloo In North Pole, For ‘Just’ $100,000!

by Kanika Sharma
Spend The Night At A Heated Igloo In North Pole, For ‘Just’ $100,000!

How far would you go to experience luxury? To the northernmost part of the North Pole!

North Pole
Picture Credit – Pexels

A new luxury hotel will be opening soon at the northernmost part of the world, in April 2020. If the location wasn’t enough, it is the property itself that will leave you in awe.

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What’s in store?

Picture Credit – Khaleej Times

Offering a once-in-a-lifetime experience, for adventurers and explorers alike, 10 centrally heated domes (an igloo-like structure) are being built in the heart of the frozen Arctic at North Pole. These will be available for five nights at $100,000.

The project has been undertaken by an award winning travel company, Luxury Action, that has made quite a mark in the Arctic and Nordic region.

Poles attract

North Pole
Picture Credit – Zawya

The North Pole attracts thousands of tourists every year, but its remote location makes finding comfortable lodging a tedious task. It has been an exclusive travel destination for many people, and despite lack of resources and facilities, nothing stops them from visiting this beautiful part of the world.

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“Travellers will sight-see around a glacier during the day, meet indigenous people who live in the polar regions and arctic scientists working nearby, and hopefully catch sightings of seals, polar bears, arctic birds and other wildlife,” Janne Honkanen, founder of Luxury Action, was quoted by CNN as saying.

So if you have a spare of $100,000 and can’t think of any other way to spend it, well… we just gave you the best option EVER!