SpiceJet Flight Got Delayed For Over 2 Hours, Passenger And Staff Have An Ugly Spat

by Shreya Ghosh
SpiceJet Flight Got Delayed For Over 2 Hours, Passenger And Staff Have An Ugly Spat

We have experienced or heard of a lot of instances when flights get delayed for hours and hours. Something very similar happened today at the Indira Gandhi International Airport. A SpiceJet flight got delayed for more than 2 hours and passengers were very frustrated with such a shift in the time of departing. This led to an altercation between a passenger and the SpiceJet staff. Things turned pretty ugly! What happened at the Delhi airport? Read on for all the info!

This SpiceJet Flight Got Delayed For More Than 2 Hours

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The SpiceJet flight 8721 was scheduled for departure from Terminal 3 of the Indira Gandhi International Airport at 7:20 AM. But it got delayed for over 2 hours. It was a Patna-bound flight. The officials of SpiceJet informed passengers that the reason behind this delay was poor weather conditions.

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But later they informed the passengers that the flight was delayed for such a long time because of some technical problems. After a delay of almost 3 hours, the flight departed from the Delhi airport at 10:30 AM, as shared by a SpiceJet spokesperson.

Passenger And Staff Got Into An Argument!

A passenger on this SpiceJet flight captured a clip of the spat between the airline staff and the passenger and shared it on Twitter. The Twitter user goes by the username @PendownLife. The passenger complained about how they were given tentative timing for the departure. You can take a look at the video here.

The Twitter user also talked about how the arrival city, Patna, did not have bad weather conditions. The mentioned weather conditions were actually fake, as shared in this tweet. Also, the user was angry and frustrated with all these issues and tweeted, “Never booking again with this airline”.

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Not only with one passenger, the heated argument slowly started an ugly spat between the SpiceJet staff and many passengers waiting to catch the flight from the Delhi airport to Patna. It is very much understandable that they were annoyed and irritated with this long delay and no proper reason provided by the airline.

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