SpiceJet Locks Passengers Between Boarding Gate & Flight For Over An Hour At Delhi Airport

by Tooba Shaikh
SpiceJet Locks Passengers Between Boarding Gate & Flight For Over An Hour At Delhi Airport

It seems that a number of airlines have been getting heat for a decline in hospitality and service. Recently, Air India took a lot of heat because an inebriated passenger urinated on a female co-passenger. This time, SpiceJet is drawing the ire of countless passengers because of how they treated the passengers in this instance. A travel vlogger posted a video on Instagram that highlighted most of the details of this unfortunate incident.

SpiceJet Officials Lock Passengers Between Boarding Gate & Aircraft

Credits: Wikimedia Commons

In an unfortunate incident that can only be described as a hospitality faux pas, the officials of SpiceJet airline locked the passengers between the boarding gate and the aircraft on the bridge. A travel vlogger by the name of Soumil Agarwal posted a reel on the popular social media networking site Instagram.

In the video, passengers are seen stranded on the walkway from the boarding gate to the aircraft. The video explained that the flight, which was initially scheduled to depart at 2:00 PM got delayed and would take off at 3:15 PM. This, Agarwal explains, would not have been a problem since flights routinely get delayed due to some issue.

However, the issue was that the passengers were all locked on the walkway without a proper place to sit. They could neither board the flight nor were allowed back into the waiting area. When asked to let the passengers back into the waiting area, the officials refused. There were elderly passengers too and when asked for something as basic as some water, they refused to provide that as well.

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The Airline Issued A Clarificatory Statement

The plane finally took off at 4:30 PM, 2 and a half hours later than it was initially supposed to. SpiceJet issued a clarificatory statement that explained why this unfortunate sequence of events transpired. The SpiceJet flight which was heading to Bengaluru from Delhi Airport was delayed due to weather conditions, said a spokesperson. They explained that since the necessary security checks were already completed, the passengers could not be allowed back into the waiting area. The spokesperson also said that all the passengers received service recovery vouchers.

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Cover Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons & @soumilvlogs/Instagram