SpiceJet Passengers Stuck Inside Flight Without AC For Over An Hour; When Allowed To Deboard They Walk On Tarmac

Many passengers started to fall sick inside the cabin.

by Shreya Ghosh
SpiceJet Passengers Stuck Inside Flight Without AC For Over An Hour; When Allowed To Deboard They Walk On Tarmac

Imagine sitting inside an enclosed setup with no open doors, windows or fans. Seems terrible, right? Spending even 5 minutes without a fan seems impossible in this scorching heat. With every passing day, the temperature is surging and heatwaves are harshly affecting the health of Indians. Delhi is one of the Indian cities that is facing the worst weather conditions this summer. Shockingly, SpiceJet allowed passengers to board a flight in Delhi and kept them inside without any air-conditioning facilities.

SpiceJet Passengers Spent Over An Hour Inside The Cabin

SpiceJet Passengers

The flight was scheduled to take off from Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport to Srinagar Airport. The passengers boarded the aircraft and were waiting for it to depart and commence the journey. However, their journey was paused and everyone onboard had to sit for more than an hour inside the plane.

Waiting in the flight cabin seems boring but it feels good to relax in an air-conditioned space. However, the experience was completely opposite for all the flyers on this SpiceJet flight from Delhi to Srinagar. They simply waited there without any air conditioners functioning.  The hot weather in Delhi is currently a major cause of discomfort for Delhiites.

Staying inside a plane with no AC was a dreadful experience for the passengers. According to a report by The Print, many started to fall sick in that extreme heat. It was indeed an uncomfortable experience.

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Passengers Deboarded Later

SpiceJet Passengers

According to aviation safety rules and guidelines, passengers are not permitted to deboard after boarding a flight. However, SpiceJet decided to let the flyers stand on the tarmac. After they got out of the aircraft, they relaxed a bit on the tarmac of the Delhi airport. This episode has grabbed everyone’s attention.

Recently, we also came across an X post of a SpiceJet passenger complaining about how a flight to Bagdogra took off from Delhi and “lost and misplaced” flyers’ luggage.

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What do you think about SpiceJet’s decision to deboard the passengers? Was it a right call by the authorities?

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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